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Published on November 11th, 2014 | by CodCom

Spelunky Update: New Features Now Live on PS4, PS3, Vita

With Spelunky finally making its glorious PS4 debut last month – hopefully you were able to grab it free in PlayStation Plus while it lasted! – there are more explorers than ever plumbing the depths of the jungle, battling incensed shopkeepers, and dying in an endless cavalcade of unexpected and hilarious ways.

For those new players still feeling overwhelmed, be sure to check out my Survival Guide from last year; a few basic tips go a long way, and the experience is even more fun when you’re sharing tactics and stories of your travels with friends.

Spelunky on PS3 and PS Vita

Speaking of sharing, you may have noticed that the PS4 has a few killer new features, including the ability to watch full replays of anyone’s Daily Challenge run straight from the leaderboards, as well as seeing where your friends died (and what killed them) in the Daily Challenge, represented by their ghost. I’m thrilled to be able to announce that those features have been added to the PS3 and PS Vita versions, available now via a free update!

Not only that, but all three versions have also been updated to allow you to fast-forward Daily Challenge replays (with a very cool VHS-style effect, no less), as well as a few minor fixes including synchronization of LAN multiplayer. Finally, Vita has always secretly been the coolest version since you can play without a tethered camera in multiplayer, and this update also contains full PlayStation TV support for up to four players!

To recap the updates that are live now (note that you’ll only see the replay changes starting with tomorrow’s run, which rolls over at 4pm PST today):

Fast forward replays
Misc. fixes

Leadboard replays (including fast forward feature)
Friend ghosts in Daily Challenge
Misc. fixes

PS Vita:
Leadboard replays (including fast forward feature)
Friend ghosts in Daily Challenge
Four-player PSTV support
Misc. fixes

Good luck, fellow adventurer!


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