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Published on April 16th, 2011 | by GOODKyle

T-Shirts and Modern Warfare 3 Contest

There comes a time in our lives when we realize that out shirts aren’t up to snuff. That is the time to decide whether or not you’ll actually do something about it. Well our good friends over at DualShockers have for sale…their very own official t-shirts! (Some readers may remember that fellow Call of Duty Community writer, GOODKyle, works for DualShockers as well).

DualShockers is a big gaming website that focuses on all aspects of gaming and its fans. If you’d like to support this fast growing, gaming website simply click in  the source below to order your own t-shirt! The shirts come in pink or black with a small, medium, or large size to choose from. Now for those of you who are just now hearing of, what’s your incentive to actually buy the clothing you ask (besides loving the DualShockers name)?

Well, in an effort to help our friends over at DualShockers and to take care of our readers, we’re going to hold a contest for all those who buy one shirt. As we all know, Modern Warfare 3 is (supposedly) the next Call of Duty game that will make an appearance this year. Wouldn’t it be sweet to get it for free?

That’s right, for everyone who buys a DualShockers shirt will be entered to win a free copy of Modern Warfare 3 and all its subsequent DLC. All you have to do is buy a shirt, notify us that you bought a shirt, and we’ll check the records to make sure you’re telling the truth. The winner of said contest will receive their choice of platform for whatever Call of Duty does come out (which will most likely be Modern Warfare 3). So get buying so this contest can begin!

Get the shirt! SplitReason DualShockers T-shirts

That t-shirt isn’t available anymore. If you still want to get your very own Modern Warfare 3 T-Shirt, click here.

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