Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 IGN's Modern Warfare 3 Live Stream Recap

Published on November 4th, 2011 | by Space Octupus

Recap of IGN’s 4 Hour Modern Warfare 3 Live Stream

On the 1st of November, IGN hosted a live stream of Modern Warfare 3 gameplay with Glenn Schofield, the Studio Head and Co-Founder of Sledgehammer Games, and Robert Bowling, the Creative Strategist at Infinity Ward. During the 4 hours session we saw a single-player mission in its detail, around 2 hours of the Multiplayer mode and an hour of Spec Ops Survival mode.

During the single player segment, we saw a team running through the Docklands of London trying to stop an underground tube train from transporting terrorists. It was a highly intense level which really captured some of London’s excellent scenery and atmosphere.

In the Survival Mode segment, we saw two attempts and both were reasonably successful. We saw the different armories in action, with Predator Missiles being used to take out Juggernauts. In addition to this, we also got to see some of the weapons that the enemies dropped including, MP5, Type 95 and the FAD. These were really good looking weapons and were used to good effect.

But, for some, most importantly, during the Multiplayer segment we saw an array of custom classes and maps. Maps included a look at Seatown (a medium sized, very busy map with a market place and several buildings), Mission (another medium sized map, with a downed helicopter in the middle, great sniper lines and some well placed tactical gameplay), Hardhat (a small to medium sized map built on a building site, excellent run and gun play and brilliant Kill Confirmed matches), Bakara (beautiful settlement with massive sniper lines, excellent group gameplay and some brilliant placement of tactical areas) and Interchange (a large map underneath a broken road interchange, more good sniper lines and some excellent gun on gun areas).

We also got a glimpse of the Scar-L, Barret 50cal, MP7, FAD, Type 95, Striker, AA-12, ACR and MSR among other weapons. We saw the Trophy System (small portable device that destroys explosives in the air, before they get to you) and the Portable Radar in action also.

Another thing we saw extensively were the new game modes, Kill Confirmed and Team Defender. Kill Confirmed is a fast paced tactical game for both Team Deathmatch and tactical players. It always seems to be a frantic rush to get the Dog Tags, and a brilliant amount of gun on gun play. Team Defender is a fantastic team based game which involves holding a flag for as long as possible and gaining points as you go. It’s a really tactical game which I could see would be good for teams that know the maps really well.

If you are a Modern Warfare fan, then check this video out. There are some great questions answered and some excellent gameplay also.

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