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Published on October 18th, 2011 | by Space Octupus

The Prestige Shop – What’s for Sale?

In Modern Warfare 3 this year, Infinity Ward has added a new reason to prestige, after countless years of just doing it to get the titles, or because your friends were. The Prestige Shop is in basis a store which opens once you have prestiged, and opens each time you do so. It offers a plethora of goods which will be difficult to choose from – Here they are

Extra Custom Class – Fairly obvious from the off, this allows you to unlock another custom class slot in game, and therefore allows you to have more classes. This was of course in previous games, but were unlocked a different points rather than when you want. This could mean that you can unlock one every prestige, and that would give you a lot of choice.

Reset All Stats – This is one of the biggest talking points when it comes to Modern Warfare 3. 10th Prestige players from Modern Warfare 2 said that they would like the option to start again, and here it is. This option also means that you can simply go back to a 0/0 kill/death ratio if it matters to you. I can see this being a popular option with people who hit the maximum prestige level and want to do it all again.

Double XP – This is exactly what it says on the tin. Activating this gives you a set amount of double XP time. Were not yet sure how much, or if it activates immediately, but it certainly allows you that time. This could be good news for players who are a bit slow off the mark at the beginning of a new prestige.

Double Weapon XP – As you have probably heard by now if you read the articles on this site, you can this year level your weapon up. This is a new addition to the franchise and allows you to unlock camouflages and earn proficiencies. This is just a boost to get your favorite weapon maxed out. We don’t have more detail on how the weapon leveling works, and we’ll let you know as soon as we do!

Unlock Gear – This allows you to take one piece of equipment, a weapon or a lethal into the next prestige with you, meaning it’s unlocked from level 1. This means that you can take your favorite gun with you to the next prestige. This is a useful option for those of us who get very attached to one weapon and are lost without it.

Challenges 1-3 – At this point, I’m assuming that these the usual prestige challenges, but just split up into 3 different categories. I’m sure the usual “Take out 3 helicopters with a frisbee” challenges will be there, along with old classics.

Title and Emblem 1-3 – This is obviously the prestige titles and emblems. We haven’t seen them yet, and so we don’t know what they look like at all. This will be 3 unlocks aswell.

As for the fine detail, what we know is that you get one point per prestige, and that you don’t have to spend it right when you prestige, meaning you can save it until later. We’re not sure as of yet how many prestige levels there are in the game at the moment either. Many people speculate 10, but Robert Bowling has never confirmed it, nor will he.

So what does this mean for me or you? Well, in short it means that we can play through a prestige with it feeling like less of a grind. We can take a weapon, or simply take some Double XP. It also means that we have more choice in the long run, which fits with what Modern Warfare 3 have said they wanted to do this year. So, I leave you with a question, what will you choose first!

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