Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 K-Mart Selling Modern Warfare 3 Early

Published on November 5th, 2011 | by CodCom

Playing Modern Warfare 3 Early May Result in Xbox Live Ban

An unknown amount of retail copies of Modern Warfare made their way to customers yesterday after a miscommunication at at least one Kmart store located in Tampa, Florida. Though the release date of Modern Warfare 3 is November 8th, the Kmart store placed the game on their shelves early, allowing eagle-eyed customers to snap up copies.

Any gamer getting his legit copy of Modern Warfare 3 is of course worried about the consequences of playing the game early. Yesterday, there was no need to worry about repercussions from playing on an Xbox Live-connected system as Stephen Toulouse (Xbox LIVE Director of Policy and Enforcement) tweeted:

For those asking about MW3 pre-release play: If your copy is legit and obtained legitly, have fun. It’s a great game.
Stephen Toulouse

Today however, the story took a different turn and after double checking with Activision Stephen Toulouse tweeted:

clarification: dblchk’d with Activision. Mw3 pre-release play not authorized. So pls be patient. Playing early may impact your account!
Stephen Toulouse

To prevent any problems, it’s probably best to avoid going online with your early copy of Modern Warfare 3 until at least Monday, November 7th.

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