Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Modern Warfare 3 to Introduce 2 New Game Modes

Published on September 9th, 2011 | by CodCom

Modern Warfare 3 to Introduce 2 New Game Modes

Infinity Ward will be introducing a slew of things with Modern Warfare 3. One of the new things players will notice immediately will be the new killstreak system. Instead of 1 killstreak list for everyone, the killstreaks are separated into 3 “Strike Packages”.

Another new thing players will notice immediately are the 2 new game modes that are added to the multiplayer side of the game. These 2 new game modes are Kill Confirmed and Team Defender.

Kill Confirmed

The first of the 2 new games mode, is Kill Confirmed. This is the game mode that kind of “leaked” before the official multiplayer trailer was released. This is the game mode the players at the Call of Duty XP event have been playing and if we have to believe the stories they’ve been spreading, this game mode will be one of the most popular ones.

The idea of the Kill Confirmed game mode is very simple to understand. The team with the most kills confirmed is the winning team. To confirm a kill you will have to kill a rival and pick up the Dog Tags he or she leaves behind after dying. Where it gets interesting is when you deny the opposing team a confirmed kill, this is called “Kill Denied”. You deny a kill by collecting the Dog Tags you or your team mates leave behind.

The scoring system in the Kill Confirmed game mode works as follows: You earn 50 XP for collecting a rival’s Dog Tags. You earn 50 XP when a team mate collects the Dog Tags on your behalf. And you earn 50 XP when you deny a rival’s kill by collecting the Dog Tags from a fallen teammate.

Team Defender

Infinity Ward has been very silent when it comes to the Team Defender game mode. The way Team Defender works is almost the same as Capture the Flag. But unlike Capture the Flag, with Team Defender there is only 1 flag instead of 2 and there is no returning point for that flag. In other words, you have to capture the flag and hold on to it as long as possible while he’s being defended by his or her teammates. The team holding on to the flag the longest will be declared the winning team.

Because the game hasn’t been tested yet, we can’t tell how the scoring system works. If I had to guess, every player you kill is worth 50XP, except for the flag carrier, who will be worth more than the others.

I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward to playing the 2 new game modes. Both of them sound like they could be a ton of fun to play and with the teamwork that’s involved in both of the game modes, I can see the grouping feature in Call of Duty Elite service being used quite often.

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