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Published on January 18th, 2011 | by GOODKyle

Modern Warfare 3?!

With the current status of Infinity Ward, it seems doubtful that they can make Modern Warfare 3. Even suggesting that just conjures up images of Activision suing the $&!* out of someone. But that Sledgehammer Games article seems to be proof enough that some form of Call of Duty will be hitting store shelves late 2011 as rumored. Can it be possible that the next Call of Duty game can, in fact, be Modern Warfare 3?

It was speculated that Infinity Ward did a little work on their “next project” before the storm came and caused Respawn to be born. With Infinity Ward off the map and Sledgehammer Games seemingly replacing them, can they be working on Modern Warfare 3? If you are still doubtful can the article’s main picture convince you? It makes sense, if Sledgehammer Games continued building what Infinity Ward seemed to lay the foundation for, Modern Warfare 3 would be in Alpha Testing.

If what we speculate is true than Sledgehammer Games has big shoes to fill campaign wise and even bigger shoes to fill fixing online multiplayer problems. This also raises additional questions. Why would a newer company (who is still recruiting people) take on such a big task as one of their first assignments? If they fail or even if they do an average job, people will be up in arms. Either way we wish them luck. What do you think about this whole situation?

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