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Published on November 3rd, 2011 | by CodCom

Modern Warfare History – 11 Events You Should Know About

November 8th marks the release of Modern Warfare 3, the third title in the Modern Warfare series. Though Robert Bowling keeps on saying anyone new to the Call of Duty games can jump straight into a multiplayer match and perform reasonably well without having played the previous Call of Duty titles. But what about the people who want to play the campaign mode of the game?

If you haven’t played Modern Warfare 1 & 2 and Modern Warfare 3 will be your first Modern Warfare title, your knowledge about the story line in the campaign mode will be slim to none. For those people, Infinity Ward has put a video together which shows us 11 important events we should know about before starting with the campaign mode of Modern Warfare 3.

Event 1 – Pre Modern Warfare: British military sends Lt. John Price to assassinate wealthy Russian arms dealer Imran Zakhaev. The mission fails. Price shoots off Zakhaev’s arm but doesn’t kill him.

Event 2 – Modern Warfare: Zakhaev, intent on returning Russia to power, funds a coup in the middle east to distract the United States. Zakhaev’s ally, Khaled Al-Asad, ignites public outrage by executing president Yasir Al-Fulani on national television.

Event 3 – Modern Warfare: Sgt. “Soap” MacTavish joins the Special Air Services (SAS) under Captain John Price. The team deploys to the Bering Strait to investigate a suspicious package on board an Estonian freighter. They discover a cargo manifest indicating a nuclear weapon purchase by Al-Asad.

Event 4 – Modern Warfare: USMC forces drive Al-Asad’s troops back to their capital city. As-Asad retaliates by detonating a nuclear device killing 30,000 marines and countless civilians.

Event 5 – Modern Warfare: SAS tracks down Zakhaev in Russia and intercepts his nuclear attack in the U.S. Zakhaev strikes back without mercy and Price and Soap are injured in the battle. Near death, Price slides his weapon to Soap, who proceeds to kill Zakhaev.

Event 6 – Pre Modern Warfare 2: Ultranationalists take control of Russia, honoring Zakhaev as a hero and martyr. Zakhaev’s protégé, Vladimir Makarov, emerges into power, ending the second Russian civil war. Makarov proceeds to launch a terrorist campaign against Europe.

Event 7 – Modern Warfare 2: Task Force 141 is created to take out Makarov. This elite, multi-national counter-terrorist unit includes of Soap, Ghost, Roach and US Army Ranger Joseph Allen. Lt. General Shepherd is in command.

Event 8 – Modern Warfare 2: Makarov stages a civilian massacre at Moscow’s Zakhaev International Airport. Following the bloodbath, Makarov exposes one of his crew to be undercover TF-141 member, Joseph Allen. Makarov then kills Allen, leaving his body at the scene.

Event 9 – Modern Warfare 2:  Russia quickly identifies Allen’s body and blames the U.S for the terrorist attack, Russia reacts with force launching a full-scale invasion of the United States.

Event 10 – Modern Warfare 2: TF-141 members Ghost and Roach invade Makarov’s safe house and secure valuable intel. Shepherd then betrays and kills Ghost and Roach.

Event 11 – Modern Warfare 2: Soap and Price infiltrate Shepherd’s secret base. Shepherd ferociously attacks, stabbing Soap in the chest. Soap valiantly turns the weapon on Shepherd and kills him. Price escapes with Soap, committed to saving his life.

Whether you’re new to the Modern Warfare series or a veteran like many others. Knowing what happened in the past will only get you pumped for Modern Warfare 3, which will release on November 8th.

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