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Published on May 14th, 2011 | by CodCom

Fourth Official Modern Warfare 3 Trailer Revealed

Robert Bowling said we could expect more trailers and that is what we received. After the America, England and Germany trailer, it’s now time for the France trailer.

I don’t think we can expect more trailers because they were released every 2 hours and it looks like we’ve seen the last of it, for now. If we have to belief the leaked information, the titles of the trailer videos are locations at which the single player campaign will take place. If we have to follow that same logic, we still have to see trailers for India, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Czech Republic, Russia and United Arab Emirates.

Releasing another 6 trailers is a lot of work and it sounds unrealistic. But a Call of Duty geek such as myself can only hope!

For those wondering what Vladimir Makarov says at the end of each trailer. Thanks to Andrey Bugakov we’ve got an answer for you.

First official trailer: America
Makarov says: One – Destroy the enemy’s hope of victory!

Second official trailer: England
Makarov says: Two – Use everything to your advantage!

Third official trailer: Germany
Makarov says: Four – Attack from the least defended point!

Fourth official trailer: France
Makarov says: Three – Take advantage of your enemy’s weakness!

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