Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 FMG9 Nerf

Published on November 30th, 2011 | by CodCom

FMG9 Nerf Incoming This Week

One of the concerns about Modern Warfare 3 was the post-launch support and whether it would be actually there. And so far we’ve been seeing the same support we saw with Black Ops. In other words, great post-launch support. Something we couldn’t say 2 years ago with Modern Warfare 2.

As with every Call of Duty game, there are guns which are “overpowered” as some say and one of these overpowered guns in Modern Warfare 3 is the FMG9, especially when dual wielded. This won’t last for much longer though. According to Robert Bowling, the FMG9, and perhaps some other weapons, will be seeing a re-balance which should happen as soon as this week.

@ Yes, these will be getting some re-balancing in a new update this week.
Robert Bowling

It’s reassuring to see Infinity Ward working on their game post-launch. I mean, just a few days ago Infinity Ward addressed the Speed / Slow-mo (some call it hacked) lobbies Xbox 360 users were dealing with within 12 hours. Or what about the 1,600+ bans that are already issued?

All these little and big actions Infinity Ward take show us they are serious about post-launch support and that we can expect to see more adjustments to the game as time goes by.

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