Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Modern Warfare 3 Discourages Camping

Published on October 5th, 2011 | by Space Octupus

Modern Warfare 3 Discourages Camping

As the years have rolled by, with new Call of Duty titles blossoming, new tactics and methods have developed. 9 times out of 10, these tactics are best worked with 6 people you know, rather than the 5 you got stuck with in match-making who prefer to sit in corners and let the game come to them. The question posed by these games is “Is there one stand out tactic which works?” The short answer to this is no. I’ll explain why;

Tactics, only work when 6 people are aware of them and know how to play them. This is true for almost every game type. Then there are the on the spot tactics where you look around you at the 6 people you play with and choose how to play from there. These are usually good for games which you get thrown into and can actually result in some fairly substantial wins. Of course all of this depends on the players themselves and whether they are doing the same thing. Ultimately, you cannot ever be 100% of a team tactic when you are thrown into the deep end against another team. With the release of Modern Warfare 3 imminent, will we see a change in the way the group dynamic works whilst online, and if so how will that effect the game itself?

How this fits with Modern Warfare 3

Kill Confirmed – This game type is definitely going to make a difference to the way that the community play online. Being thrown in with 5 others and being given a job to do means you do actually have to do something if you want to win. Snipers will have a hard time doing their thing because they won’t be able to collect the tags of their dead opponents. Runners won’t be able to kill /collect every time, and will leave some tags behind. This does mean that players in the team need to work together if they want to be successful. This will be the ultimate smashing together of Team Deathmatch players and objective mode players into one big tactical mess.

Team Defender – This will be the game that the clans out there will relish, as this involves collecting a flag and holding it as long as possible. I can see this being a very competitive way of playing but also, that it will bring new ideas to the players who get put together at the start, as success defends on team work. To a certain degree, this will see a bigger change in group play then Kill Confirmed as it will really mean that the team has to be 100% together rather than just 1 guy being brilliant.

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To tell the truth, I’ve no doubt that there will still be the selfish players that choose to put their tent up rather than help the team. Infinity Ward seemed to have verged down the path of team based play, much like they did in Call of Duty 4. Could this be a new era of team based games? I hope so.

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