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Published on October 14th, 2011 | by Space Octupus

Are We Entering a New Age of Balancing With Modern Warfare 3?

Over the past few months, I’ve been reading the forums and taking into account what most people are interested in with Modern Warfare 3. Apart from the obvious (killstreaks, guns, perks and so on) people seem to be really interested in how balanced the game is this year. The last 3 Call of Duty titles have all been arguably unbalanced in some way, from the MP40 in World at War to the Ak74u in Black Ops. Each year we hear what the designers have to say about how they have made the game more balanced, and yet we are still wildly disappointed with the result.

However, this year Modern Warfare 3 is looking to have gone that one step further as far as balancing is concerned in a number of ways. And here’s how;

In previous Call of Duty titles, given the fact that there is no Beta, there is always a weapon or perk which proves itself to be rather overpowered, or underpowered. The players knew it, and the producers knew it too, but what could they do? The patching process is a long one, and by the time the first overpowered weapon is patched a new one is presenting itself and the tragic cycle continues, but not this year. With the new Automatic Updating system in place, those overpowered weapons will no longer be an issue. Infinity Ward announced that they have a system in place which allows them to update weapons, perks and killstreaks without patching. This stops the time consuming downloads and, more importantly, the long waiting process.

Secondly, Modern Warfare 3 is introducing its Point Streak system which, believe it or not, is actually a move towards a more balanced game. The reason for this is that in Modern Warfare 2, killstreaks stacked and they encouraged camping. Point Streaks offer everyone an option, to play as before, to assist or to go lone wolf. In addition to that, the new rules behind killstreaks carrying after death, offers more weight to the supporting killstreaks rather than the classic Call of Duty kill 9 people and let the Pave Low get your chopper idea. Another point worth mentioning here, is that Robert Bowling has again and again said that the Assault Killstreaks, are designed to get kills, but not so many that you can rely on them.

Lastly, the perk set-up/layout this year is one which is obviously well thought about. The way that Cold-Blooded is split up into Assassin and Blind Eye impresses me, as you give up speed for stealth this way. It definitely doesn’t set out one set of perks which are awesome and makes it depend a lot more on player choice than just what works. This to me means a much more balanced game. You can also read why Assassin and Blind Eye shouldn’t be a problem in Modern Warfare 3.

All of these things in conjunction seem to me, to mean a better game all around. It makes for good gameplay, and even better longevity. Will the community see a new way to play? Or will this game be like it’s predecessors and be poorly balanced? Only time will tell.

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