Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Assassin & Blind Eye Perk in Modern Warfare 3

Published on September 30th, 2011 | by CodCom

Why Assassin and Blind Eye Shouldn’t be a Problem

This article was originally written on the Call of Duty forum by TangoZedOne.

I haven’t seen it as much here, but many people seem to think that the two ‘stealth perks’, and particularly Assassin as of late, are going to be all powerful stealth perks, and without stopping power, the game will be impossibly imbalanced.

For one, I have noticed many players like to use Sleight of Hand. This is of course for two reasons, it allows you a handy, quick reload, and secondly the pro version has the famous ability to ADS much faster. Now, as I’m sure we know this is two separate perks in Modern Warfare 3, separate oh so perfectly so that one of them is paired slot-wise with one of these stealth perks. If you want to be quick on the draw and win your gunfights, you will likely prefer one of these two perks over both of the stealth perks, not to mention the new Pro version of Sleight of Hand allows you to swap your weapons faster. There is also the addition of Blast Shield for those who may still be afraid of the Modern Warfare series explosives’ reputation. Overkill is a third perk in Assassin’s slot to be considered, and of course Blind Eye has also to contend with Scavenger

Basically, anyone who chooses to have this stealth advantage will have less ammo, and will be slower to the punch than those who don’t, making them easier to best in actual combat.

A second concern I’ve seen even more recently is that in Black Ops, the lack of Stopping Power and existence of Ghost (which adds the visual camouflage without requiring a Sniper primary) slows down the gameplay and bases it on camping. Now, I’m guessing these people only play TDM.

I played some CTF yesterday in Black Ops and it was very fast paced and very few chose to use Ghost. When one team did, a quick Lightweight charge with 2 flag captures cured them of that. Add in that objective completion adds to your Strike Chain count and that the camouflage isn’t even related to perks in Modern Warfare 3 and that pretty much eliminates that issue in those modes. For TDM aesthetic players, how about Kill Confirmed?

There are also the Recon perk and the Revenge Deathstreak to actively arm you against those who might decided to camp out with their fancy stealth perks.

tl;dr version: There are other great perks people will find they like. Stealth advantage = Combat disadvantage. Objectives discourage camping, but help Point Streaks.

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