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Published on February 16th, 2011 | by GOODKyle

Activision Wants Critical & Commercial Success With Next Call of Duty Game

With the blockbuster success of Black Ops, you would think that Activision has nothing but upmost confidence for the next Call of Duty title. Well, you’d be wrong. Activision doesn’t expect this year’s Call of Duty game to be as nearly successful as Black Ops. Perhaps the reason behind this belief is a result of all the complaints Treyarch has received regarding the PS3/PC version being unfinished?

Activisions publisher’s Chief Financial Officer, Thomas Tippl, had this to say. “In order to be prudent and given the enormous success of Black Ops, at this point, we have still planned a retail release in the fall below the levels of success that we have seen with Black Ops. So that’s very consistent with how we treated that last year. Now having said all of that, I think we have a blockbuster retail release lined up for the fall that we are extremely excited about, which will be hopefully again the biggest game of the year.”

In essence, they are still expecting a blockbuster release…just not as big as Black Ops. Not only that but Activision wants the new Call of Duty game to be critically successful as well. In a recent job advertisement posted for a QA Tester, Activision states, “the candidate will help Sledgehammer Games deliver a 95-plus rated Call of Duty game “bug free”, meeting the high expectations of gamers today”. Black Ops currently holds an 87 metacritic rating.

One can only question the way Activision approaches these goals. If they want to have a blockbuster, critically, successful game…why not care and work on the game for more than a year? It helps to release a game when it is ready, not to pump out a game to meet a deadline. As always…time will tell what becomes of the next Call of Duty title (rumored to be Modern Warfare 3).

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