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Published on January 21st, 2011 | by CodCom

3 Companies To Develop Modern Warfare 3

Over the past few days we’ve been write about Modern Warfare 3 a bit. First we thought Sledgehammer Games could be developing Modern Warfare 3. Then we kind of confirmed Modern Warfare 3 was being Alpha tested. And now we got a story which confirms what we’ve been writing about.

The LA Times writes that Activision called in the support of Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software to develop Modern Warfare 3 in time.

“People familiar with the situation” claim that Sledgehammer Games is working with Infinity Ward on developing the game’s single player campaign, while Raven Software (developer of  Singularity) is in charge of bringing up the multiplayer side of things.

By helping Infinity Ward with the development of Modern Warfare 3, Sledgehammer Games will have to delay the development of the Call of Duty game they were working on because the chances of having 2 Call of Duty releases in November 2011 are slim to none. Remember Activision’s initial plan was for Sledgehammer Games to release a Call of Duty game in 2011.

The LA Times article emphasizes this by saying ” the title (Modern Warfare 3) is well into production and is expected to come out in November, the same month that the publisher has annually released a new Call of Duty installment, people with knowledge of situation said”.

While the development of Modern Warfare 3 is still unofficial, Activision issued a comment in response to the LA Times piece, stating, “There’s been much specultion recently. We look forward to releasing details for the next Call of Duty in the near future.” We at Call of Duty Community are waiting for those details!

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