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Published on October 7th, 2011 | by Space Octupus

$384 for 24 Hours of Double XP in Modern Warfare 3

As you all know by now, Modern Warfare 3 is giving you more ways than ever to speed up your leveling, from the Prestige Shop to eating snacks?

As always with Call of Duty titles, there will be the famed Double XP. This usually means a weekend of almost permanent play for the hardcore gamers with matchsticks to keep their eyes open… or could they just grab a Mountain Dew Energy? PepsiCo Inc. have teamed up with Activision for a  first-of-its-kind promotion – “Rank Up Your Game with Double XP“.

The promotion offer it’s customers free Double XP time on some of their products. Standard bottles of Mountain Dew and Packets of Doritos now have Double XP time included with them as a promotion. While some people view it as getting fat whilst playing Call of Duty, others see it as a way of leveling quicker.

Here is how long you can get double XP for:

Mountain Dew Double XP Time

But don’t get too excited, with this offer you can only get a total Double XP play time of 24 hours or 750 code entries (as written in the rules)meaning that you can’t continuously go on a Double XP bender. Also, this offer only runs until December so be quick to guzzle your Doritos if you want the full benefit of it. Plus, there’s the price. In order to get the full 24hrs of allotted time, you need to spend around $384 on drink to get there, a lot don’t you think?

Truth be told, there are people out there who are saying “Playing Call of Duty makes you fat!” but ultimately, who is going to pay $384 for 24 hours of Double XP time and consume the 380+ bottles of Mountain Dew at the same time?

So, what do you think of this? Will you be chomping your way to 10th Prestige? Comment below to share your view!

($384 is based on the assumption that a 12 pack of Mountain Dew costs $12)

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