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Published on December 16th, 2010 | by GOODKyle

“Noob Tubes”: Are They Truly For Noobs?

We’ve all been in this deplorable predicament. We’re just walking along the map, searching for a target, and finally we see one…only to realize that we brought about our own demise. We were hit with a .50 grenade that explosively kills anything within a 10 foot radius and it took us out instantly. Otherwise known as being “noob tubed”. There are many who use this launched grenade to get a quick kill, piss people off, protect others, prevent spawn rushers, or just boost their stats. But is this, famous Call of Duty, under barrel attachment truly for the noob kind?

On one hand, many scream “YES!” and for good reason. Who wants to be killed by this one hit wonder when they’re on the killstreak of their lives or just trying to scrap for one kill altogether. Bottom line is…it pisses people off. Victims of this tragic event quickly go for their opponents pride saying “The noob tube takes no skill to use”, or “You can’t kill me 1 on 1 with only guns”. In fairness the tube does only require that you aim anywhere in the vicinity of your target to get a kill. So it’s easy to see how one can get mad when they get their kills by aiming at the body and shooting multiple times. But what about the other side of the argument?

Some “noob tubers” aren’t afraid to say they use the grenade launcher because they are in fact not as skilled as those who don’t use it. However, there are other reasons for wielding this device. Some say it prevents “spawn rushers”. “Spawn rushers” are those who attack the spawn of the enemy because that’s where the enemy is almost 100% of the time. It is only fair that the enemy have at least a moment of reprieve before they are shot dead again. So they wield the “noob tube” to send those “spawn rushers” back to their own. Others claim they have to because their internet connection is not “top notch”. If they were to engage in 1 on 1 with just guns, they’d lose every time because their connection would “nerf” their bullets. Therefore, they make sure that only 1 (big) bullet will do the job.

There are plenty more reasons far and in between but as long as this explosive attachment is around, there will always be conflict. Whether it is the person’s skill, internet connection, or any other reason…the “tube” will be a factor. What do you, the fans, have to say about “noob tubes”?


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