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Published on January 13th, 2011 | by GOODKyle

Characters Who Deserve Their Own Game has released a list of what they believe to be support characters that deserve their own game. Who do you think topped their list?

Our old friend Captain Price from Modern Warfare. Can anyone truly argue that Price doesn’t deserve his own game? He was betrayed, scarred in the battles of war, and owned more than his fair share of enemies. Not to mentioned his awesome attitude of badassery!

Dare we suggest that Sergeant Woods, from Black Ops, should get his own game? He is probably just short (if not matching) Price’s awesomeness! He also won Best Character at the 2010 VGA’s (too much dispute among some gamers). That warrants at least a story expansion DLC in Woods’ honor let alone a full game don’t you think?

[via: Nowgamer]

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