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Published on May 31st, 2011 | by CodCom

Call of Duty Elite – All in One Service

We were right! We hinted to a Call of Duty subscription service twice before and here it is. The service is called Call of Duty: Elite and it’s being developed by Beachhead. Now please don’t confuse this with the multiplayer mode of Call of Duty switching to Pay-to-Play. We wrote that the multiplayer mode is and ALWAYS will be free to play and this isn’t going to change with the introduction of Call of Duty: Elite.

What is Call of Duty: Elite?

First of all, Call of Duty: Elite is a service. This service combines social networking, stat-tracking, competitive gaming and an interactive strategy in 1 custom designed service for the Call of Duty community (no I’m not talking about our website :)). The Call of Duty YouTube page says Call of Duty: Elite is “an innovative new online service that significantly enhances the Call of Duty franchise’s multiplayer experience delivering a new level of social engagement to players worldwide. Connect. Compete. Improve.”

This video should give you an understanding of what Call of Duty: Elite is:

Call of Duty: Elite will be free for all players with an optional premium membership. What this means is anyone can use the core functionalities of Call of Duty: Elite free or charge. It’s not clear which functionalities will be considered “core functionalities” just yet.

Than you have the optional premium membership. If you want access to more than just the core functionalities of Call of Duty: Elite, you can choose to subscribe for a premium subscription. By doing this, you will gain access to extra functionaries which only premium subscribers can access. Subscribing for a premium subscription doesn’t remove the access to core functionalities.

Activision hasn’t made a statement about how much a Call of Duty: Elite premium membership will cost. But according to multiple sources, you should be willing to pay up to $7,99 per month if you want to keep your subscription active. The $7,99 price is not a guarantee, it could be lower than that.

When it comes to downloadable content, it will be a part of Call of Duty: Elite. It’s not clear yet how this will effect the price of the DLC, but I’m guessing you will be able to purchase it at discounted prices. Perhaps even get early access to it. If you don’t have a premium Call of Duty: Elite subscription, you can get the DLC the usual way. Not much details on the premium service are yet known.

Even though the Call of Duty: Elite service is an online service, you will be able to access it from many devices. Think mobile devices, consoles and who knows what other device.

We can expect a free public beta (not just a teaser) this summer. The Call of Duty: Elite service will be officially launched at the same time as Modern Warfare 3 on November 8th and will be fully integrated with the game.

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