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Published on April 13th, 2011 | by CodCom

RagingAmish: M60 – LMGS – Black Ops Review – #27

A lot of you liked the previous commentary / review by Raging Amish. He did a review of the AUG assault rifle and it sparked some interest on our Facebook page. I don’t think the same will happen with this review though. This review is all about the M60. A weapon barely used by anyone, but after watching the review, I did get the urge to play a match or two the the M60.

As if the very nice review of the M60 wasn’t enough, we get to see bits and pieces from the Rambo movie. That one was just too easy not to include in the review.

Watch the review and if you like it, please show your support in any way you can. Even a simple thumbs up can do wonders.

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