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Published on March 29th, 2011 | by CodCom

RagingAmish: AUG – Assault Rifles – Black Ops Review – #24

This will be the fourth commentary article on the Call of Duty Community and as I mentioned on our Facebook Fan Page, I’m starting to like these more and more.

Today it’s Raging Amish’s turn to be featured. Unlike the other 4 commentators I’ve picked, Raging Amish doesn’t do the usual commentaries. Instead, he gives reviews of anything and everything Call of Duty related, which is useful for both the Call of Duty veterans and the newbies. And to give his reviews extra entertainment value, he mixes his review with fitting clips from movies and cartoons (which crack me up!). In the commentary down below you’ll see an excellent review of the AUG, one of my favorite weapons.

Be sure to show your support in any way you can. That’s the point of these articles!

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