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Published on May 5th, 2011 | by CodCom

Olizandri: Black Ops: March Round Three Entry

Today we get to see Olizandri’s round 3 entry for WoodysGamertag’s March Madness competition. As you would expect from an entry for such a competition, the video Olizandri submitted was great. Unfortunately for him, it wasn’t great enough, which resulted in him losing and TheSideSho progressing to the next round.

And if the previous video isn’t enough for you, here you have a special quad commentary. The commentators in this video are Olizandri (obviously), FearCrads, Nukaiser and TheBearAfro. Usually a quad commentary doesn’t work out too well, but surprisingly, this one seems better than the usual quad commentary.

Accompanied with the great commentary, you’ll see gameplay of a Domination match on the Convoy map. Which is 1 of the 4 new multiplayer maps from the Escalation map pack.

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