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Published on March 22nd, 2011 | by CodCom

hbkjust: Cod Black Ops: Does Your Relationship Suck!?

(NSFC = Not Safe For Children)

hbkjust gets the honor of being the first commentator who’s commentary will be featured on the Call of Duty Community. The commentary sharing is new for both you and me, so I have to figure out how to turn this into something which we both can get used to.

I guess a little information about the gameplay itself could be something we can incorporate in the article and maybe something about the commentary itself if it’s interesting enough.

The gameplay you see is a game of Domination on Grid. Justin (hbkjust’s real name) decided to pick a weird topic for his commentary as he asks whether you’re in the right relationship. For me it was an interesting commentary to watch and listen to I’m sure the adult audience can relate to what Justin is talking about. I intentionally said “adult” audience because the commentary is meant for them. If you’re on of the youngsters, you might want to skip on this commentary as Justin uses language which isn’t meant for your ears.

All in all it’s a fun commentary and I showed my support by liking the video and adding it to my favorites and I hope you will do the same if you enjoyed the commentary.

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