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Published on April 18th, 2011 | by CodCom

FreeKill300: How to Get More Likes on your Videos! :: Exciting New Invention!

FreeKill300 still hasn’t uploaded a new video yet since we decided to support him (hint hint), so I decided to share one of his older videos with you.

If you’re a commentator on YouTube, or you just like to share montages with whoever wants to see it. You really should incorporate this new method of overlay introduced by FreeKill300. As he says in the description of the video, “Guaranteed to increase likes by a million percent (fact proven by scientists)”

Jokes aside, it shouldn’t be too long now before FreeKill300 starts to upload new videos and start entertaining his subscribers with it.

FreeKill300 on YouTube:
FreeKill300 on Twitter:

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