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Published on December 6th, 2011 | by The_Mack_Attack3

Treyarch Hiring for Next Call of Duty Game?

With Modern Warfare 3 already in shops around the world most of us are eye’s deep in the multiplayer action the game offers, but some of us also look towards the next game in the record breaking series and what company will helm the project. Treyarch, developers of the highly successful Black ops which sold more than 15 million copies in 2011 so far might be that company.

Numerous jobs applications can be seen on the job listing section of Treyarch’s website, making it clear they are looking to expand their workforce for future games which could include the next chapter in the Call of Duty franchise. Among the job offers listed, Treyarch are looking for a professional multiplayer designer with experience with combat and weapons systems on one or more First Person Shooter titles, which is right up Call of Duty’s street. Also listed was a position as a Game Designer/Scripter, the applicant would need to be an expert on recent First Person Shooters and the trends of the genre and have some experience with mod tools.

With Infinity Ward making Modern Warfare 3, it would seem it’s Treyarch’s turn given the franchise’s history. With the job listings catering better to someone with First Person Shooter experience it makes it more easy to believe, doesn’t make it written in stone of course. Treyarch boss Mark Lamia has commented in the past that the team is a “100% Call of Duty studio”, with many people believing they would be developing a sequel to Black ops. That still might be the case, but you would easily bet your house there will be a Call of Duty game come next November.

Would you be happy with Treyarch developing the next Call of Duty game?

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