Call of Duty: General News Community Beat #6: Time to Gear Up

Published on October 6th, 2011 | by Tatterr

Community Beat #6: Time to Gear Up

This isn’t your typical community beat. With less than 35 days until Modern Warfare 3 drops I feel its my duty to educate you on what’s available to help step your game up. I can’t in good conscience send ill informed soldiers into battle. So let’s kick this off.

First up will of course be the Modded Controllers. At first it was just a way to fire your gun faster. Now they do that and so much more. Modded controllers nowadays have Jitter Mod (Ability to make guns with burst-fire fire full auto), Auto Dropshot, Auto no-scope, rapid reload, button relocating, and even fully programmable macros.

We here at CodCom do not personally endorse the use of modded controllers. It is a violation of the Xbox Live, and Playstation Network TOS and using them can get you suspended and possibly banned from Xbox Live, or Playstation Network.  However, if you are going to use one I recommend going to a respectable Mod Shop like Controller Chaos, or Evil Controllers. I have worked with Evil in the past on AbleGamers related stuff and they are good people that do quality work and won’t rip you off.

Next up is the FPS Commando from XCM inc. XCM has kind of pioneered the way to help PC gamers still wreck shop on the consoles with their crossfire adapters. Next they released the FPS Commando, which utilizes a mouse and a Wii like nunchuck. The advantage to this setup is supposed to give you finer precision and control. I think its an amazing concept the only thing I don’t like about it is you need a lot of room to set up everything, and a hard surface to use your mouse on. Personally when I game I like to relax in a recliner, or a beanbag, not sit at a table or a desk like I’m hammering out articles for the Call of Duty Community website. Two other companies that I know of offer similar products are the AIMON series from TUACT, and the Splitfish Fragfx series.

Not finished yet folks. We have some more controller offerings to help you be a PWNSTR. Mad Catz inc. is a power house for officially licensed aftermarket accessories ranging from top of the line flightsticks for aviation simulators, and its newest addition to its officially licensed MLG Pro circuit controllers. Designed to cater to the pro gamers this is a serious business controller. Incorporating a module system that allows core components of the controller to be moved or swapped out. Analogs can be opposed like an Xbox 360 controller or side by side like a Playstation 3 controller. Alternate D-Pad designs are available along with magnetic plates on the handgrips that can be customized with clan tags, or gamertags. Not only can you customize the layout and appearance of this controller but it employs a cartridge system that allows the user to add or remove up to 70 grams of weight from various points on the controller. Finally since all pro gamers use wired controllers it comes with a 3 meter braided, detachable ProCable that securely locks into the controller to ensure no drop out during gameplay.

If this controller seems like it may be too much Mad Catz also offers the F.P.S Pro style controllers. The F.P.S Pro is currently only available for the Xbox 360. However it is very similar to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 combat controller, and the Call of Duty: Black Ops precision AIM controller which are available for the Playstation 3. All these controllers offer the two programmable combat buttons located on the underside of the controller. The F.P.S Pro version comes with backlit analogs with adjustable LED colors of red, green or orange, and Quick- fire triggers. Quick-fire triggers are designed with 40% of the preload removed from the triggers and are optimally spaced to allow toggling between the bumpers and triggers with minimal finger travel.

Razer has a cult like following in the PC community for their quality gaming mice and keyboards. Last year they ventured into the gaming world with the release of the Razer Onza for the Xbox 360. The Onza touts adjustable tension analogs, reactive buttons, improved D-pad layout, 2 mappable multi function buttons, and a 15 foot braided cable. Unfortunately Razer only has a controller for the Xbox 360 at the moment, however the Onza is compatible for use on the PC.

For some there is no substitute for your standard controller. If the barebones controller is your bread and butter there are some accessories you can order to accentuate and fine tune your standard controller. The first and probably most popular would be FPS Freeks by Kontrol Freek. Reported to improve your accuracy and reaction time by extending the length of your analog sticks. This adds to your range of motion giving you more leverage and ability to move your analog more with less effort and travel on your thumbs.

A contender to the Kontrol Freek market is a relatively unheard of company called Modsticks. Modsticks offer their “Lite” line which is similar to an FPS Freek, except it is made out of aluminum. Modsticks also offers a kit to completely replace your analog sticks with aluminum ones. It also allows the user to fine tune the height and travel of the sticks by including spacers and travel limiters. Modsticks also have a trigger upgrade option which replaces your old triggers with cross drilled billetized aluminum ones. The triggers are slightly larger than your standard triggers and have a set screw to adjust the trigger tension. This tensioner, along with a set of springs to soften the pull or stiffen it allows you to fine tune the trigger pull to your liking.

Last but not least to the accessory section is the Avenger by N-Control. The Avenger is a clip on accessory for the Xbox 360, and soon the PS3 that allows the user to hit up to 9 buttons simultaneously while never having to remove your thumbs from the analogs. The Avenger also allows the user to take the pre-load out of the triggers to make them into a snap aim, or snap fire hair trigger. With the set screws on the articulating arms of the Avenger it also allows you to take the pre load out of your X, Y, and B buttons. This makes for fast twitch movements to drop and fire, or switch weapons or reload on the fly.

That’s all that I have as far as controllers and attatchments to help step your game up. It’s a wide world of gaming accessories out there and I’m sure I missed something. Please send me a message if you know of any accesories I may have missed and we will make sure to share it with the Call of Duty Community. Look forward to gaming with you guys and remember no accessory, or modified controller can replace a squad with good teamwork and communication.

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