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Published on May 27th, 2011 | by CodCom

Switching the Forum Software to vBulletin

UPDATE: The forums are up and running and most of the important tasks are done. All I have to do are the little pesky tasks. If you want, you can use the forums and have a great time on there.

We will be changing the forum software we’re using to a different one. Right now, we’re using Simple:Press. This is a great piece of software if you’re running a WordPress website (which we are) and you want to have an integrated forum. By having the integrated software, people could comment on the blog and use the forum with 1 and the same account. You can see why we picked Simple:Press in the first place. This meant a lot less hassle for you, the community member.

There are a couple of reasons why we decided to switch to vBulletin. The most important one being, it’s a more professional forum software with a long history. It’s reliable and it just looks better. The other important reason being, we don’t need an integrated forum anymore. On March 4 we disabled the native WordPress commenting system and switched to the Facebook commenting system. Because of this, you don’t need to have a “Call of Duty Community” account anymore to comment, making the integrated forum obsolete.

Switching to the new forum software is a very technical process and because this is not the usual migration, we expect to lose all information in the process. Meaning your account and posts will be gone. You can see it as a fresh start.

To make things a bit more interesting and fun, I will be switching to the new forum on the fly. No preparation whatsoever. If you’re eager to see how the forum will take shape, just keep checking out our forum in the upcoming hours and you’ll see the changes as they take place. If you see errors, don’t be shocked, it’s to be expected.

Visit the Call of Duty Community Forums.

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