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Published on December 15th, 2011 | by Tatterr

Community Beat #13: Swinging that Banhammer…LIKE A BOSS!

Of course from the title you can tell I’m not just excited about the newest update on the 5,000 day ban. I’m friggen ECSTATIC! About time, I mean cheating, boosting, hacking pretty much ruined Modern Warfare 2. Glad to see they are not going to take it lying down this time. To anyone who gets upset about this, and thinks it’s TOO extreme, well you are probably a cheater who hasn’t got caught yet so f%$k you. Now that I got that out-of-the-way on to some other news.

Of course we all know by now that Modern Warfare 3 has shattered all sales records reaching (In my Dr. Evil voice ) $1 Billion dollars in just 16 days! If you haven’t heard this yet then remove the Mountain Dew XP from your lips, put down the controller, and look at any form of media, it is in there somewhere. I think it’s awesome it shows the doubters that this genre is in fact far from dead. Along with the stellar sales the boys are hard at work hammering out Hotfixes and title updates. Constantly addressing gun balancing issues, and of course the overly zealous lag compensation. I have heard many arguments about lag compensation and how it’s Activision’s cheap solution to the high cost of dedicated servers. However, it is what it is and in reflection with some work it probably will work quite well. I mean, how well did dedicated servers work for Homefront? Now if we could get a little work on these spawn points. They are not all bad but some of the Kill Confirmed spawns are just bananas.

As if little Timmy NoNuts getting banned for 5,000 days wasn’t good enough to get me all worked up, then they had to go and announce Hardcore Ricochet. You will usually find me in a Hardcore Search and Destroy match and nothing sucks more than being ahead 3 rounds about to put the win in the bag, when little Timmy NoNuts and Stew Pendousdouche join your team and RPG everyone right off the spawn. Now if only we could get them banned for 5,000 days. I’ll take what I can get though and will always be in a Hardcore Ricochet Search over standard Hardcore Search any day.

Now the only thing that could make the grin on my face any wider is if they released Christmas Crash, right before the Holidays. For those of you new to the series. Christmas Crash was a PC only variant to the Crash map from the original Call of Duty Modern Warfare. I think we should bombard Twitter and try to get #ChristmasCrash trending. Probably won’t be able to get it released before the holidays but it sure doesn’t hurt to try. A little something before the holidays would be nice though and based on Robert Bowling’s twitter feed we may get at least a new game mode. Not exactly sure what they had in mind but I have played that Drop Zone variant from the Custom Games modes and it was very fun and I would not object to that being added to the playlist. Whatever they decide to do I hope they play test it like madmen to make sure it’s balanced, fair, and amazingly fun.

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