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Published on March 14th, 2013 | by The Doc

Call of Duty and next gen consoles

These are exciting times indeed with the next generation of systems / next gen consoles just over the horizon. It’s no surprise that rumors are spreading about a November launch, which is usually around the time COD brings out their new game.  This will hopefully re-energize the franchise, which brings up the question of where should they go from here? What changes should be made? What new features should be added?

Numerous articles on the web have postulated ideas and we have a few of our own. With the new system coming out, there is going to be greater graphic capability which could be expanded to show building damage as well as better character damage that allows you to see mangled body parts. The maps could have different times of day and face different weather in random intervals, so that it appears that you are not playing the same map and you can make better use of things like nightvision scopes.

What about vehicles? Like Call of Duty once had in “World at War”? It could be cool if there was a choice of troop transports with heavy machine guns mounted on them (like Humvees) and tanks with a heavy gunner and cannon/ driver so that it keeps expands the co-op part of the multiplayer mode.

“Black Ops 2″ is also lacking in the balance between hardcore and regular game settings, there needs to be more game mode selections in hardcore. Another area that needs to be addressed, better game physics because killing someone through a cement wall is a bit ridiculous (the game needs more impenetratable cover, especially near spawn spots). Some people also want to see the capability of creating your own maps for the greater COD community of the multiplayer universe. A number of fans that would like to see the co-op of the game mode online return. With all of the money that the fans have dumped into this game, a few dedicated servers are in order as well. You could even charge a small fee like five dollars per player to amp up the potentiality of defeating the virus known to us as lag.

Is anyone writing to Treyarch, Infinity Ward, or Activision because in the end they are trying to reinvent this game everytime with thoughts of making it the best game possible for the fans of this franchise. Gamer input is one of their most valuable tools, so don’t be silent or afraid. Send them your well-thought ideas. Let’s help them make sure that COD keeps its ingenious and imaginative edge in the realm known as the first person shooter.


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