Call of Duty: General News Community Beat #10: Nearly Perfect Release

Published on November 17th, 2011 | by Tatterr

Community Beat #10: Nearly Perfect Release

November 8th has come and gone. With it, we witnessed yet another biggest entertainment release in history. Selling over 6.5 million copies in 24 hours in the US and UK alone. That’s more than what Battlefield 3 sold in one week! With the holiday season just around the corner I have a feeling we may see this title out sell many others in a shorter period of time. Even with this many copies sold and that many people clogging up servers on release day I must say it went remarkably well. My last few release day experiences have been slightly frustrating with matchmaking difficulties and trouble getting a full party together. Modern Warfare 3 has been remarkably smooth sailing with all this. In fact I have only experienced some bad lag issues around Saturday night and it carried over to Sunday.

Besides the brief lag situation and other small problems I think the Infinity Ward / Sledgehammer team did a damn fine job rolling out this release. Now Beachhead Studios and the Elite service on the other hand have been a bit of a disaster. I am not sure who did the estimating on the number of servers they would need but I believe he or she WAY undershot it. In an apology letter I received from them it states that the number of people logging on all at once overburdened their servers, etc. They feel awful about it and have extended members Elite subscription for thirty days, and have given you an extra thirty days to claim your founder status. Now that’s fine, they messed up, admitted it and are making corrections and accommodating customers with free service. That’s top notch customer service right there we are only human and we all make mistakes but to man up and admit to them takes a lot.

Last I checked the Founder status bonuses of 2 hours of Double XP, and player card title and emblem are rolling out as soon as they can get to them. I received mine last night, which was a nice little surprise when I logged on. As far as features on the Elite website I think the clans and group feature is up, or will be up intermittently. This will allow you to give your clan a one time boost of 500 xp. Then I guess as your clan ranks up you unlock benefits like double xp fo your whole clan, etc. Which I think is a cool, in a way it’s like Activision is sponsoring your clan to stay active in the game.

Hopefully the Elite wrinkles will be ironed out shortly, and the Infinity Ward / Sledgehammer / Beachhead Studios team can become the holy trinity of First Person Shooters. Hopefully these difficulties will not delay the scheduled release dates for the DLC we were promised on an almost monthly basis with the Elite service. Overall in my opinion this game has been fun and not overly frustrating. I know a lot of people are already complaining about it. I think its just the transition form Black Ops to the new title coupled with a lag compensation program that could use some work along with hit detection and some bullet drop issues. None of them game “breaking” so to speak just frustrating at times and im sure with more feedback from the community they will dial it in right to where the majority of folks will like it.

On the security side of things I have seen no games hacked. I know of some jump glitches, and of course the clan tag glitch. However most of the jump glitches are pretty much useless in game, and the clan tag glitch while annoying at times is absolutely harmless. If you do see something odd or fishy please use theater mode, post it on YouTube, let Robert Bowling know about it. The only way they can address issues is if the community waves the problem right under their nose so to speak. Take care and see you in game.

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