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Published on November 3rd, 2011 | by Tatterr

Community Beat #9: Long Awaited Release

The highly anticipated release of Modern Warfare 3 is upon us. In fact its less than four days away and what a long strange trip it’s been. A year ago no one knew for sure if we would see anything more from this series with the mass exodus of key Infinity Ward personnel. Then the fear of an injunction being placed on any future titles by former Infinity Ward founders Jason West and Vince Zampella. Through it all though this title has emerged. In a rare uncommon conglomeration of 3 (Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games & Beachhead Studios) studios to release this title. Many were skeptical figuring that with the key personnel having left that this series was dead.

Well the series is not dead in fact it is very much alive, and it’s coming your way with such a thunderous roar that even EA has decided to call a truce with the trash talk. That slander campaign has been in gradual decline since E3. Around June they were touting they were taking the #1 spot. Then it was we won’t take the #1 spot away, we will steal market share with our superior game and now it’s we don’t want to fight anymore we think you are ok guys after all and Call of Duty is great. Personally I think EA’s Battlefield series was foolish to try and contend with Call of Duty on the simple fact that they are two different games that appeal to two different types of players. Instead of trying to take away from the Call of Duty franchise EA should have spent more time marketing to their key market, and perhaps snagged a few stragglers sitting on the fence.

While I love the Call of Duty franchise I have not been a huge fan of several Activision executives. However, I will give them credit for taking the higher road against EA in the mud slinging. At the end of the day you have to let the product speak for itself. I am curious to see what happens with the GameStop UK trade in deal. I wonder if news of that and the fact that EA sold 5 million in its first week and Modern Warfare 3 has well over 3 million pre-orders for opening day has kind of taking the wind out of their trash talk sails. Regardless Battlefield 3 is a good game, the best of the series on console yet, and they should be happy with it and continue to improve.

As with any big impending release we always have copies being stolen, and stores breaking street dates. The latest was a K-Mart store accidentally stocking some on shelves. Well that was the story anyways in his description box on his YouTube channel. No I will not post the link, I stumbled across it looking for highlights from the 4 hour live feed by Robert Bowling and Glen Schofield (if you missed it, you can watch the replay here). I did not want to watch it and I appreciate him at least putting a spoiler alert up in his description. I successfully went the entire Modern Warfare 2 release without watching any of the leaked videos and I intend to do the same for this title.

It’s been a whole year and this last week has seemed like a decade. I usually do not get all crazy fanboy excited about games, but this last week has been extremely hard. I look forward to see how this series moves forward. To see how the game plays out on a global scale, and more importantly to get in game, have a few beers and see what new toys they’ve given me to blow some S#$% up with. Cant wait to see you in game.

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