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Published on September 5th, 2011 | by CodCom

Interview With YouTubers #3: rockyroad612

Dave - Also known as rockyroad612Our quest to spread awareness about the Call of Duty Community website and famous YouTubers continues and once again I managed to trick convince someone to have an interview with us.

In our third interview with YouTubers, I had the pleasure interview Dave, also known as rockyroad612. I can hear your brain crunching already. Rocky who? rockyroad612 is the person behind the “The Art of Playing Dead” videos. More about this in the interview. One of the interesting facts about Dave is, he’s only 15 years old. Proving you don’t have to be old and seasoned to have success on YouTube.


Uploading videos to YouTube isn’t something everybody does and people usually have a reason to upload videos you YouTube. Why did you start uploading videos to YouTube?

Dave: I started watching videos about Modern Warfare 2 on YouTube before owning any actual Call of Duty game. Then when Black Ops came out and I bought it, I thought (not being cocky) I could do better than a lot of people on YouTube. So I started uploading.

You’ve only been on YouTube for a couple months now and you managed to have over 5,700 subscribers already. Most people on YouTube never get to that number or need more to get to there. How did you manage to get that amount of subscribers in such a short time?

Dave: I had tweeted and submitted videos to 2 Bucks (AmazingFilms247 on YouTube, he uploads different funny or amazing clips to his channel). I wanted to show him a certain clip I had for him. He noticed the series I had started called “The Art of Playing Dead” and messaged me saying he liked them and I could upload a few clips of me playing dead in Black Ops on his channel. We later added each other on Skype, and he now lets me upload my full Volumes on his channel. He really helped me out, getting me around 3,000 subscribers.

Most YouTubers “repay” their subscribers in 1 way or another. Some YouTubers have open lobbies, some YouTubers do live streaming. You name it, people do it. Will you be doing something to “repay” your subscribers?

Dave: Oh yeah, I play with them a lot. But since I’m on the PS3 you got to add them as a friend so I have to cycle through a lot of people every once in a while. Also I do some open lobbies where we play dead online.

If anyone has ever heard of you, it has to be because of the “The Art of Playing Dead” videos you make. How did you come up with the idea for your “The Art of Playing Dead” videos?

Dave: I saw people making sniper edits, feeds and all kinds of other montages, and I really wanted to do something original no one really has done before. You never saw someone doing a playing dead montage. Now, it has gotten pretty popular, many smaller and bigger YouTubers started doing something similar.

In the few months you’ve been on YouTube you already cranked out 9 “The Art of Playing Dead” videos. How long do you plan on continuing to produce the “The Art of Playing Dead” videos?

Dave: I plan on doing it for as long as it can go. People haven’t complained that it’s getting boring or lackluster yet. I’m always trying to come up with new things I can do with it instead of just laying on the ground, haha. I want to keep it going through Modern Warfare 3, and maybe try it in other FPSs? I don’t know.

I’m not a genius nor can I predict the future, but continuing with the “The Art of Playing Dead” videos is definitely a good move. However, I don’t think a / your channel can be only about the “The Art of Playing Dead” videos. Do you have anything else planned for your channel and subscribers? Maybe a different series of humorous videos?

Dave: Well, I like messing with people. In Volume 8, I did something where I was talking smack to people in random lobbies and invited them to 1 v 1 me. I started out playing normal but after a few kills played dead in the middle of the map. It’s still playing dead, but I think I could start a new series with this idea. I tried this a few other times and got some great reactions.

Most, if not all of your videos include humor. Be it a 15 second video or a 5 minute montage. Are you planning on doing anything more “serious”? Something like commentaries perhaps?

Dave: Yeah, I actually do them often. I plan on making this interview a commentary haha. But about the “serious” part, probably not. When I do commentaries they’re usually pretty funny and not really serious. I’m definitely not a serious person, and don’t really want to get involved in the YouTube drama ha. Like, I won’t do commentaries about stuff going on with certain YouTubers and whether I agree with what they did or not. I think it’s just a waste of time getting into all that.

In one of your videos you’re in a live stream with Whiteboy7thst and there was some smack talking back and forth. What was it like to have Whiteboy7thst ragequit on you? And did he file a copyright lawsuit against you?

Dave: It was pretty fun, but he ragequits all the time so it wasn’t anything special, haha. And he hasn’t filed a copyright infringed lawsuit against me yet, I”ve still been trying to get him to watch the video, but he’s too busy giving his Cat7thst a perm. Ha!

To finish this interview, if there was 1 tip you could give to anyone wanting to make a name for him or herself on YouTube. What would it be?

Dave: The only thing I can say is to BE ORIGINAL! If you want people to watch your videos and enjoy them, you have to show them something new or something they haven’t seen yet. That’s the main thing you can do. I heard a commentator say that in one of his videos on giving advice to new YouTubers and that’s what I did.

I would like to thank Dave for the time and effort he put into this interview and I wish him all the best with his YouTube career.

If you like what you’ve read and want to stay up-to-date with the things Dave is doing on the interwebs, you can find him on the following places:

rockyroad612 on YouTube:
rockyroad612 on  Twitter:

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