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Published on August 26th, 2011 | by CodCom

Interview With YouTubers #2: RADAUSTIN27

In our quest to spread awareness about the Call of Duty Community website and at the same time getting to know the famous YouTubers better, I managed to arrange an interview one of the few “Zombie Gurus” on YouTube.

In our second interview, I had the pleasure of asking Reed, RADAUSTIN27’s actual name, some questions. If you’ve watched any of Reed’s videos, you will have noticed that he’s got a deep voice. His voice made me ask about his age and when I asked Reed, he preferred not reveal his age and wanted his subscribers to keep guessing. Though, his picture below should give you a rough idea about how young Reed is. Looking at that picture you wouldn’t say he lives in the North East of the USA where it always rains and snows.

RADAUSTIN27 on the field

RADAUSTIN27 on the field

The question most people want to see answered and at the same time the question I’ll be asking everybody first is: Why did you start uploading videos to YouTube?

Reed: Well to be honest it was to try and make people laugh. I saw 4 player podcast and they made me laugh so I decided I could do that as well because it would be fun. When I got positive feedback on my videos from the few people that watched, I continued posting. It became my reward for making videos. Making people happy by watching my videos made me happy as well so I never stopped.

Compared to the multiplayer mode Zombies, initially, was a small “add-on” to the game. What made you decide to upload Zombies videos and why not multiplayer videos?

Reed: Well originally I started with uploaded a Let’s Plays video. After that I got into zombies, which was the second or third video I ever posted. Zombies was something interesting to me, something  I ended up falling in love with. I would spend hours on Nacht der Untoten thinking this was the best thing out there not knowing what Treyarch had in store. I ended getting so involved with the story it became a passion for me in a not so creepy manner. People enjoyed my theories and videos and I continued to post them to this day.

Up until now, Treyarch has released 11 Zombies maps. Out of all the Zombies maps out there, which one is your favorite one?

Reed: That has now become a very tough question. I did post a video a while ago about this question but with Moon it makes everything that much harder. So my top 11 are:

11. FIVE
10. Dead Ops Arcade
9. Call of the Dead
8. Natch der Untoten
7. Kino der Toten
6. Verrückt
5. Shangri-La
4. Shi No Numa
3. Ascension
2. Der Riese
1. Moon

Now I have to see how long I will enjoy Moon, but I think this is the map that finally beat my favorite Der Riese.

These days you can’t escape the fact that you have to upload high quality videos to YouTube. When did you decide to switch from your bootleg camera, the one you used about 2 years ago, to the Hauppage HD PVR which you currently use?

Reed: I switched tot the Hauppage HD PVR only because I wanted HD gameplay. It was around the time I was doing a Let’s Play of Bioshock 2. The quality was terrible and I heard some of my favorite commentators talking about the Hauppage HD PVR so I decided to buy one. Before the Hauppage HD PVR I had a Pinnacle capture card which I got for Christmas that year and using all the splitter cables was crazy so I went and ordered my Hauppage HD PVR.

What most people don’t realize when they first start uploading videos to YouTube, is that it takes a while to get recognized and have some success. You’ve been on YouTube for well over 2 years now. When did you catch your first big break?

Reed: I caught my first big break when I uploaded a video that was pretty embarrassing to be honest. I was the first person to post an Easter Egg of Der Riese on YouTube. To this day if you type in Der Riese Easter Egg in YouTube’s search bar, my video is the first one to show up! Because of that video I gained about 1,000 subscribers. The second big break came when there was the opportunity to win a spot in the NextGenTactics Directors contest. After the contest everything went uphill.

After watching the “subscriber update” videos on your channel, I’ve noticed that most of your subscribers have subscribed to your channel in the past couple months. Is there anything special you do with your subscribers? I mean special as in open lobbies, live streaming etc etc.

Reed: Well I host open lobbies every time my subscriber counts reaches a milestone. My main way of playing with my subscribers is through live streams. Doing this gives me the opportunity to  talk to them, pull them into Skype conversations, and when my connection permits I play online with them. I try my best to interact with my community and I answer as many comments and questions as I can.

What are you going to do once Modern Warfare 3 is launched? I mean, most of your videos, especially the ones that get the high number of views are Zombies related. Will you stick to playing and uploading zombie videos, or will you give Modern Warfare 3’s Survival mode a try?

Reed: I am a very diverse YouTuber, or at least I’d like to think so. I always do Let’s Plays and I plan on playing all the new games coming out in upcoming months. Zombies will always be apart of my channel and PC zombies makes it everlasting. I will also be covering Survival mode in Modern Warfare 3 because it looks fun and refreshing! As well as the new Hoard and Smear the Gear modes in Gears of war 3 because hey both have fun elements in them similar to Zombies.

To wrap up this interview, if there was 1 tip you could give to anyone wanting to make a name for him or herself on YouTube. What would it be?

Reed: The biggest tip I could give anyone is to keep at it if you really love posting the videos on YouTube. I was at this for a long time and got no views or subs. Then I was recognized at a higher level through NextGenTactics, TheGamingNetwork and Machinima. If you stay at it long enough and your content is something enjoyable to watch, you will get noticed and you will have a chance to do what I do.

Once again, I’d like to thank Reed for the time and effort he put into this interview. I will be keeping an eye on him and I wish him all the best with his YouTube career.

That was our second interview with famous YouTubers. If you like what you’ve read and want to stay up-to-date with the things Reed is doing, you can find him on the following places:

RADAUSTIN27 on YouTube:
RADAUSTIN27 on Twitter:

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