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Interview With YouTubers #1: LAGxPeanutPwner

In our quest to spread awareness about the Call of Duty Community website and at the same time getting to know the famous YouTubers better, I arranged an interview with one of the many famous YouTubers.

This will be the first of many (I hope) interviews with famous YouTubers. For this interview I got in touch with Teo. While I know him as the 18 year old Teo who lives in Sweden, Stockholm, most of you will know him as LAGxPeanutPwner. Many consider him to be the leader of the LAGx clan, but Teo says he isn’t the leader of the clan, he just makes most of the decisions. That’s why I’ll be referring to him as a prominent member of a clan rather than the leader of the clan in the interview.

LAGxPeanutPwner (Teo), LAGxBluE3yEs (Philip), LAGxBrownAng3l (Vikhram), and LAGxGooner (Saadi)

LAGxPeanutPwner (Teo), LAGxBluE3yEs (Philip), LAGxBrownAng3l (Vikhram), LAGxGooner (Saadi)

Most people who haven’t heard of the LAGx clan yet are probably wondering what LAGx stands for and how you came up with the name?

Teo: At first when we were going through possible clan names, we were pretty set on having a name that meant something, but at the same time stood for something. LAGx originally stood for Lame Ass Gamers, with the x added in to show that it’s the clan name, we thought it worked well as lag also had another meaning. Over time though, it lost it’s meaning and just become our clan name and doesn’t really stand for anything, we’ve let go of it being an acronym. One of our most stupid ideas for a clan name, which I laugh at every time I think about it, was xPUSLAGx. We thought it would fit, it stood for Prove Ur Skills Lame Ass Gamers, obviously we didn’t go with that, THANK GOD XD. That would have been a horrible step from my previous gamertag… MANOFPAIN93l.

On the LAGx Facebook page we can see that the clan has been “founded” in 2008. Why did you start a clan, how many members did the clan have when you “founded” it and how many members does the LAGx clan currently have?

Teo: The reason we started the clan was because a lot of us were getting Xboxes (we were in the same class at school) and we thought it could be fun to be in a clan as a group. It started off with about 3-4 members and slowly grew from there as more of us got an Xbox. Right now it has about 15 members, depending on how you look at it. There are a few members who don’t really play anymore.

One of the difficult aspects of being a prominent member in a clan, is to grow the clan and increase the amount of members the clan has. How did the clan meet each other and where did / do you “find” new members?

Teo: Most of the original members went to the same school, so we were good friends before we even started playing. Finding new members sort of happens naturally. We ask people we like and play with a lot to join the clan. These days we don’t really recruit anyone though.

Being a prominent member in a clan is one thing, posting the videos on YouTube and making a name for you and your clan is another. At what point did you decide to begin uploading videos to YouTube?

Teo: Well, at first I started making videos just like most big YouTubers did, by making horrible montages. It was just something I did every now and then for fun. You can still find most of them on my YouTube channel if you go back far enough in my videos. Just don’t be too mean in the comments. I know, I know, they suck, among others there’s a double grenade in there to the song Bodies by Drowning Pool, the most overused song in Call of Duty montages ever. I’m such a beast right? (CodCom’s note: Yes you are)

While most of your videos contain a fair share of humor and have a healthy amount of views, the “Nerds Gone Wild” videos are the most watched videos on your YouTube channel. Obviously, you found out that humor was the way to go for you and the LAGx clan. When did you decide you wanted to make humorous videos and how did you come up with the funtages and Nerds Gone Wild ideas?

Teo: After a few of my amazing montages I made two Call of Duty 4 funtages one summer with a couple of guys in the clan. They involve a huge amount of teabagging, a few ninja defuses and a hilarious clip of us actually using the perk Eavesdrop, which lets you hear the enemy players, all I can say is that that perk is very underrated! That fall Modern Warfare 2 came out and after the amount of fun we had in the Call of Duty 4 funtages, we continued making funtages in Modern Warfare 2.

We got the idea of trapping people by accident when Richard, Sean and I were following a guy with Riot Shields, he stood still and we managed to trap him, we were very surprised. That clip is actually in Nerds Gone Wild 2 (220,000+ views). I don’t quite remember how we thought of the name “Nerds Gone Wild”, I guess we just thought it was appropriate for what we were doing in the videos.

People watching your Call of Duty videos will notice a lot of gameplay footage from Modern Warfare 2. Even though Black Ops is the newer game and has the potential to make great videos with the theater mode, you decided to stick to Modern Warfare 2. Why did you stick to playing Modern Warfare 2 and uploading videos with Modern Warfare 2 footage?

Teo: The thing about Modern Warfare 2 is that it has a lot of great features for funtage-making, the Riot Shield being the main one :P. Even though they’re extremely annoying, things like Commando and some other bullsh*t perks really do make for some hilarious moments in Modern Warfare 2, though it does get a little overboard sometimes. When Black Ops came out we did make two funtages in it, though most of us found that game to become boring pretty quickly (except for zombies of course :D) so we moved on to other games, even though theater mode made for some awesome angles ^^. We make videos of other games too though.

By the looks of things YouTube has been a great source for the success your clan currently has. Where do you think you and your clan would be without the success on YouTube?

Teo: I would have nothing to live for :D. No I’m joking, we would probably be playing games just like we are now, just nobody would really know about us xD. Oh and we would most likely not have been going around trapping people with the Riot Shield, don’t think that would be as much fun without an audience.

The success of your clan is partially determined by the fans the LAGx clan has and the amount of subscribers the PeanutPwner YouTube channel has (over 70,000). As a token of your appreciation, do you play Call of Duty games with your fans / subscribers? And how often do you play with your fans / subscribers?

Teo: Oh yeah, I’ve been playing with subscribers a lot lately :P. Right now we only play infection in Call of Duty 4. A lot of people think I mean infections when I say that, the hacks/mods, but it’s really infection as in zombies, mainly inspired by the infection game mode from Halo. I’m not gonna go through what it is here but we play it quite often, especially now since there haven’t been many new games of my interest out.

You obviously don’t mind showing your friends and family in the videos you upload to YouTube. 1 family member in particular, your father, shows his face in a couple of your videos. When I first saw a video with your father in it, I immediately thought of Mitch Pileggi. Most of you will know him as Samuel Campbell from the Supernatural TV series or from the many, many TV series he starred in. Did anyone ever tell you your father, LAGxPeanutDad as he calls himself, looks like Mitch Pileggi?

Teo's father (LAGxPeanutDad) side by side with Mitch Pileggi

Teo's father (LAGxPeanutDad) side by side with Mitch Pileggi

Teo: HAHAHAHA, this made me laugh so much XD Actually no, nobody has ever told me that, though you’re absolutely correct. They are almost identical, he looks legendary in that screenshot you got of him btw, nice timing XD

To finish this interview, if there was 1 tip you could give to anyone wanting to make a name for him or herself on YouTube. What would it be?

Teo: Originality! Try to go for something original, if you really want to make a name for yourself the best way to do so is to do something original. However I’m gonna contradict myself here and say that you shouldn’t start making YouTube videos to become “big”, your main priority should be that you’re having fun. If you’re not having fun it’s going to be very hard for you to motivate yourself, so find something you find fun and continue with it, even if it doesn’t get a big audience.

You think the bigger YouTubers got to where they are today in a day? I was on YouTube for 2 years with only a few hundred subscribers and I continued because I thought it was fun. No matter how bad those montages were, I found it fun and that’s why I didn’t stop, I wasn’t going for subscribers, yes I felt it would be nice but that’s not why I was doing it, I was doing it because I had fun doing it.

Once again, I’d like to thank Teo for his time and effort he put into this interview. I wish him all the best with the LAGx clan and his “career” on YouTube.

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On a side note, what did you think of this interview and would you like to see more interviews with famous YouTubers? Please let us know by commenting down below.

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