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Published on December 8th, 2011 | by Tatterr

Community Beat #12: Hectic Week

This week has found us busier than most. Unfortunately my suspicions on the Elite service not being able to meet it’s deadline came to fruition and it was delayed yet again. The deadline has been moved back an extra two weeks until December 13th. I will remain optimistic that hopefully, this will be the last “delay”. Realistically I don’t think it will be the end of all Elite service issues this will probably only be enough time to reconcile the Founder Status delays and perhaps get more of the Clan features up and running. All of these features so far have not been so dearly missed, however once the delays in this system start effecting the DLC, then we may have some problems. These delays in the service have not brought much speculation from the industry until now.

Recently Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick was quoted at the UBS Media and Communications Conference saying the popularity of the Elite service was not in question, but the viability, and long term marketability of it. Mr. Zelnick even went so far as to say a subscription service is not in Take-Twos future and neither is pushing out a title on an annual basis. Citing that a customer base who expects a title annually could effect the quality of the game and jeopardize the franchise. He did state that it is possible to have a title that translates across the big screen, to the home screen, to the mobile screen but it would just have to be presented appropriately to the user and how he uses it on each device.

Despite the problems with the Elite service, the various networking issues, and other gameplay issues facing Modern Warfare 3 is growing in sales. As of the last sales charts by Modern Warfare 3 has passed the 15 million copies sold mark. Despite this success EA COO Peter Moore still believes it’s possible that Battlefield 3 has still managed to take shares away anyway.

Modern Warfare 3 once again set an entertainment record with 6.5 million units sold in its first 24 hours and $775 million generated in the first five days. While we haven’t gotten a unit sales update yet, you can bet it’s now way higher than 6.5 million. With such major success for Modern Warfare 3, is it possible that EA’s Battlefield 3 managed to take share anyway? EA COO Peter Moore believes so. According to an interview done before the Black Friday sales in November Peter is quoted as saying. “I’m not sure that we didn’t steal any share. To your point, it’s early days and we’re only a month in – we feel very good about it. Two entities have benefited from Call of Duty and Battlefield being on the market: gamers and the industry (retailers and people who rely on the ability to sell big blockbuster games). Together we’ve grown the genre enormously. 10 million sold in and 5 million sold through doesn’t come out of nowhere – if we haven’t gained share, that means in the first week we’ve added 5 million new FPS gamers.”

Adding even a million new gamers tot he FPS genre is still something to be proud of. However, despite the share it may or may not have taken from Modern Warfare 3 it can’t touch the popularity of the FPS genre juggernaut. Modern Warfare 3 has not only shattered 2011 sales records it’s also made the list of Top 10 most popular topics on Facebook. In fact it’s the ONLY game that made the list in 2011. I am sure as the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 DLC starts being released this trend will continue to push this topic to the top for 2012 as well. Also as the exposure of the Elite service, and the infusion of celebrities into the genre with the ‘Friday Night Fight” shows and other exclusive content we may breach levels of success never achieved in this genre of video games before. Either way, I am glad to be a part of it, and glad to see millions of new people joining the rest of us online.

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