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Published on August 25th, 2011 | by Tatterr

Community Beat #2: Game Variants


With the release of Treyarch’s Rezurrection map pack, the newest addition to the Call of Duty: Black Ops game. I reminesce to my World at War days when zombies was fresh and new. What a simple yet amazing mini-game Treyarch introduced. I spent hours with friends and even some randoms slaying endless waves of  zombies on Nacht Der Untoten. When the lags, or hacks were just too much one could always party up and ease the nerd rage by slaughtering endless waves of undead scum. Now of course the endgame of zombies is seeing how many rounds you can survive. However it didn’t take long before we started to make our own game variants.

Our first variant was of course headshots! Who could get the most headshots. Getting to the next level was only important because it would allow us more headshots. Let’s just say after about round six, headshots become secondary and survival mode kicks in. Then we moved onto the Knives only variant, we would see what level we could get to while only using knives. This required double and at some times triple teaming zombies to get the kill. The good old coordinated team knifing could keep you going for a few rounds before you eventually died, or had to succumb to the zombie rush and start buying and using guns.

Michael Myers MasksGame variants thrived in Halo 3 with the Forge options that allowed you to create maps and alter game characteristics. Now early Call of Duty private match customization was pretty limited. There wasn’t much that we could alter except time and score limits, hardcore, or core modes, and headshots only. This didn’t stop the Call of Duty community. We still used our imagination and the options allowed us still had our fun with game variants. My first introduction to game variants was playing Michael Myers with my son and his friends. I admit it  at first I was skeptical and thought it was dumb. However, after playing it with my son I saw how fun it could be. I literally laughed my ass off watching the guy run around the map trying to find us.

Other game variants we played were of course the knives only, pistols only, shotguns only, etc. and on Modern Warfare 2 we got to add tactical knives and throwing knives only. This was all good fun but very limited and required a lot of cooperation from the players to follow the rules and guidelines. A kind of honor system. Then came Black Ops no game in the Call of Duty franchise has offered such an amazing private match customization system as Treyarch has done. The variants that have been created using the customization tools has multiplied substantially in Black Ops. With the file share system it makes saving and sharing these variants with the community that much easier. Well this just added fuel to the fire and these game variants have spread like wild fire. Some of the favorites played by my friends and I are:

Mandatory Teabagging:

  • Set up: Free for All, Headshots only, pistols only (Makarovs or Asps)
  • Rules: Really only one rule, immediately after killing someone you must teabag them a minimum of 3 times. Doesn’t matter if someone is right there waiting to kill you must begin teabagging. It sounds silly but it leads to a lot of laughs. Nothing funnier than two people trying to have a gun fight while teabagging someone.


  • Setup: Go to radiation map. Team Deathmatch game mode. Set up a class with ballistic knives, tomahawks, warlord pro, scavenger pro, and tac insert.
  • Rules: Once you spawn run under the center and tac insert in the little hallway before you get to the middle. Once in the middle both sides must stay on their side without crossing the center using only tomahawks and ballistic knives. The more people the better. If you can get a full 9v9 it’s insanity.

Work Together

  • Set up: Team Deathmatch, any classes, no killstreaks, set score system to 10 points per kill and a 100 pts. per assist
  • Rules: The purpose of this is to promote teamwork and communication. Coordinating with your teammates is the key to winning. Play a couple rounds of this and then move into pub matches and your team will be working together like a well oiled machine.

Hell on Earth

  • Set up: Free for All, preset classes allowing RPG’s and assault rifles with flamethrowers, decoys, set killstreaks to 1 kill RC-XD, 2 Kills Napalm, and 3 kills dogs.
  • Rules: None really. RPG anything that moves, when you run out of RPG’s burn anything that moves, when you run out of flame, pistols and knives. Yes you will respawn in a napalm strike on several occasions.

Now I know to the diehard’s this all may seem silly and pointless.  However I have found it a great way to break up the monotony of the prestiging grind. Also it helps build camaraderie with friends, makes for hilarious YouTube videos, and helps us get back to what gaming is all about. Having fun, forgetting about the days troubles and running around acting a fool on some Call of Duty with your buds and laughing till your sides hurt.

So do you and your friends have any variants? Would you like to have a thread started for variants on the Call of Duty forums? Let us know what you think and if you have any questions about the variants listed here shoot me a message on Xbox Live Gamertag Tatterr, or @Tatterr on twitter.

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