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Published on September 2nd, 2011 | by CodCom

Call of Duty XP Live Stream & Updates

Here on Call of Duty Community we got you covered. If you’re not a fan of Facebook or just don’t want to watch the Call of Duty XP live on Facebook, you can watch the stream right here. Besides streaming the event live, we will be updating this post with important updates as they become available.

21:14 – An annual Premium Elite membership will cost $49,99

21:09 – Premium Elite members will receive new DLC monthly.

21: 05 – Full Elite feature set in all apps – customize your load out from anywhere and have them waiting for you in the game.

21:00 – Modern Warfare 3 will feature “User Generated Playlist”  which you can share via Call of Duty Elite.

20:56 – The Shotguns won’t be secondary weapons!

20:51 – The makers of the “Find Makarov” fan made movie are back with a sequel to their movie called, “Operation Kingfish”.

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