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Published on December 13th, 2013 | by CodCom

Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Clan Wars to Be Rebalanced

The Clan Wars companion app for Call of Duty: Ghosts has been of great interest to online players of the game. The app allows clans to compete against one another, in a meta-game that adds an extra level of dimension to the Call of Duty: Ghosts’ online multiplayer experience. However, from the beginning, the system has been plagued by imbalance – specifically, that all clans are not equal in size, and that larger clans typically grow at a faster rate than smaller ones.

John Linden, of Beachhead Studios has acknowledged this issue, explaining, “A 100-person clan is going to beat out a 3-person clan every time. That was something we did have some issues with. Clans were growing so fast. The Xbox One had been out for three days, so we had some problems where people would start off with a 10-person clan, and suddenly they’re a 40-person clan.” He continued, “We’ve gotten through that now, so we’ve got some better matchmaking in here. We’ve got a lot more data now. That will start balancing out.”

So the issue has been noticed, and according to Linden, it is currently being addressed. The exact details regarding changes made to the matchmaking system have not been revealed, but presumably they will result in more evenly-balanced pairings. The promise that balance is coming to Clan Wars is something that should excite fans of Call of Duty: Ghosts.

A time-frame for when players can expect the new balancing to be incorporated into Clan Wars has not yet been revealed.

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