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Published on December 31st, 2010 | by CodCom

Best of Call of Duty Community 2010

It’s only been about 4 months since Call of Duty Community was launched, but in that time you have flocked to the website making it a better success than I hoped it would be. For that, I thank you.

The “Best of Call of Duty Community” will be an annual article in which I’ll highlight the 10 most viewed articles of that year. Make sure to check them out if you missed some, and I want to wish everyone a happy 2011.

Black Ops Prestige & Rank Unlocks: The reason most people play the Multiplayer mode of Black Ops is to race through the prestige levels. Sometimes it’s nice to know what you will be unlocking at certain ranks and prestige levels. In this article you can read all about it.

Black Ops Customization To Include 25 Types Of Face Paint: Before Black Ops was officially released, some people managed to get their hands on Black Ops and leak some videos. One of these videos showed the types of face paint which were available. Made an article for it and ever since people are interested in it.

First Black Ops Glitch: Care Package Glitch: Ah, the very first major glitch in Black Ops. By performing certain actions you were able to call in 2-3 Care Packages. This glitch didn’t survive very long because Treyarch made sure this glitch was patched and removed from the game.

How To Get Lightweight Pro In Black Ops: I’m not sure why, but a lot of people were scouring the forums to find an answer to this question. To help all these people out, I wrote an article which explained how best to get Lightweight Pro in Black Ops.

Call of Duty: Black Ops – My Theater: This is where lot of you got confused. Shortly after Treyarch announced the “My Theater” function to the website, people wanted to know how this worked. Once again, to help you out I’ve written an article on how the “My Theater” functions works.

The Joker Playing Black Ops Multiplayer!: This was just a silly article. I’m not sure why, but a lot of people were interested in this article. All the article does it tell you that the Joker face paint, or as some might call it the “Crow” face paint was available to use.

Three Perk Adjustments Made For Black Ops: It’s always nice to see that developers take a look at the previous game and improve on it. Treyarch did this by adjusting some of the perks. A lot of you liked this article and even now people seem to be interested in it.

15 Prestige Levels In Call of Duty: Black Ops: Unlike Modern Warfare 2, which has 10 prestige levels. Black Ops has 15 prestige levels. This article talks about the pro’s and con’s of jumping to a new prestige level. If you’ve played other Call of Duty games, this shouldn’t be new to you.

30 Questions Answered By David Vonderhaar: This article is from before the official release of Black Ops. David Vonderhaar is and was the person to ask questions to and questions you asked. From all the questions you’ve asked, I compiled a list of 30. Some were very interesting while others were merely a laugh.

“Connection Interrupted” [Black Ops Rant]: This is my favorite article. If you want to read my rant about some of the parts in Black Ops which fail, this article is just for you. And if you are a PS3 player, I’m 99% sure you will agree with me.

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