Call of Duty: General News Community Beat #8: It's Almost Here

Published on October 27th, 2011 | by Tatterr

Community Beat #8: HOLY @#$%!! It’s Almost Here!

Battlefield 3We are now less than two weeks away from the Modern Warfare 3 release. Some of you have decided to scratch that itch with a little Battlefield 3, or maybe some Batman. I have decided to wait on those games until around Christmas. Hopefully by then EA will have worked out the issues on the Battlefield servers. From what I’ve been seeing on Twitter they have been having the typical release day issues. One can only hope we don’t have too many issues on November 8th. Even if we do have issues with multiplayer we will still have the single player which according to Glen Schofield, Co-founder of Sledgehammer Games, was quoted in an article by the Guardian UK gives us some resolution to the story from Modern Warfare 2. While he states it’s not an end to a trilogy it gives you payback on your investment in these characters.

We also have the new Spec Ops, and of course the awesome customization private matches with pre loaded game types like Micheal Myers. Now besides server issues another of my biggest worries is hackers. A friend of mine awaiting his Battlefield 3 at a local game store over heard some young men discussing how they can’t wait to hack Modern Warfare 3 when it comes out. Yes, while we salivate to enjoy this experience to its fullest like the developers intended, there are some forms of life who seek only to exploit and make the game unbearable for the rest of us. From my understanding is the last Xbox Live update all but killed the JTAG hacks that plagued Modern Warfare 2 with infection and 10th prestige lobbies. That and Treyarch’s vigilant watch of leaderboards, stats, etc. that made hacking less of an issue with Black Ops.

JTAG Xbox 360Now from some buzzing on the Se7en Sins website there are some who have apparently found a way around the newest update. However, in November or December there is supposed to be another update or two when Xbox Live is going to bring us some new features like Xbox Live TV. Along with this update we can hope they only further lockdown on the JTAG systems. Along with Microsofts diligence to boot the cheaters, I believe the Infinity Ward/Sledgehammer/Beachhead team plans on watching the system even more intently than Treyarch did with Black ops.

Besides Black Ops and whatever other games we may be playing. It looks like the Activision guys want us to dust off our old Call Of Duty titles for some Double XP starting October 28th and running all weekend. Though Robert Bowling said this Double XP weekend would be “franchise wide”, it has been confirmed the Double XP will only run on Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops. This is to make sure we can earn our prestige shop tokens that Robert Bowling talked about in his Prestige Shop video.

I have prestiged in all previous Call of Duty titles numerous times, so I will most likely be spending this weekend on Modern Warfare 2 to re acclimate myself to the movement and feel of the game. No matter what title you play it will not only give you those Prestige tokens if you need them, it will also improve your stats across the board. Which according to the latest Elite news states will track your entire career going all the way back to Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Wonder if those stats will help boost clan XP? Or if only Black Ops and Modern warfare 3 stats will affect that? Either way the closer we get to this release the more excited I get. Can’t wait to see you in game.

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