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Published on February 11th, 2011 | by GOODKyle

Activision May Offer Premium Subscription to Call of Duty

First Bobby Kotick (CEO of Activision) says Activision will never charge a subscription to the Call of Duty franchise and then he hints at the possibility of it. Now word/rumor has come up that a premium subscription will be offered. I’m sure some of you right off the bat are going “But I don’t want to pay money to play Call of Duty” or “This is ridiculous, they can’t charge to simply play online”. The one thing you need to do is calm down. This is a PREMIUM subscription based idea. For those not familiar with the term think of Playstation Plus. PS3 owners still have everything that was free since launch. PS Plus, however, adds “exclusive” content that can be paid for an extra fee that would otherwise be…not free.

With that said, expect to see extra characters, guns, weapons, etc. if this subscription comes to intuition. So why hasn’t this idea been officially announced? Well acclaimed video game analyst Michael Pachter had this reason to present.

“Activision apparently worried that announcing multiplayer subscriptions before the launch of Black Ops would hurt sales. It’s likely that around 60 – 70% of the people who buy Black Ops do so to play online multiplayer, and a greater number of the first week purchasers. Even if Activision retained fully free online multiplayer, the mere mention of a ‘premium’ subscription service will tick off some consumers, and there might have been a backlash at the precise time that they needed to set records. They decided not to take that risk.”

As mentioned earlier, the reactions of fans were taken into account of this possible plan. But that is just the start of his subscription theory and could not “fit” into this article. Check his full plan here. With XBOX Live (which is mandatory to play online) and PS Plus (which is an optional online service) costing nearly $60 a year, will this premium subscription be worth buying or just getting upset over followers?

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