Call of Duty: Black Ops Black Ops Zombies Coming to iPhones & iPads

Published on December 1st, 2011 | by The_Mack_Attack3

Black Ops Zombies Coming to iPhones & iPads

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies will be released tonight for iOS products, so all you iPhone and iPad owners can download the game from the iTunes store for a reasonable price of $6.99.

The game will be a major level up from it’s previous zombie port “World at War: Zombies”, promising to give gamers the same level of depth and content as it’s console counterpart, along with updated graphics. One of the biggest improvements are the controls, players have the choice to use different button controls so everyone can find the set-up that makes them comfortable. Hopefully making it easier for the player to stop them zombies in their tracks.

Another great addition will be voice chat, the player will be able to shouts tactics to other players using the iPhone/iPad headphones or a normal Bluetooth headset, giving you a even more console feel. Online matchmaking and local Wi-fi will be present, along with ranking tables and multiplayer support for up to four players.

Black ops Zombies will launch with zombie map “Kino der Toten” and “Dead Ops Arcade”, with other map “Ascension” to be released as a free download. Not only that, Activision promise further map packs at a not yet determined price and updates to the app to keep thing’s tip top at no additional cost to the the player.

When asked if the game will be available to Android users, Activision said “we aren’t prepared to talk about that at this time.” Basing on how things go with the this release and it’s feedback I wouldn’t be surprised if Android user’s get a chance to take out the zombie trash sooner rather then later.

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