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Published on January 29th, 2011 | by CodCom

Cosmonaut Zombies, Matryoshka Dolls, Gersch Devices & Space Monkeys – Ascension

Treyarch didn’t show us any footage of the new Zombie map, Ascension, in the first nor the second trailer for the new map pack, First Strike.

But with only a few days to go before the release of the new map pack, Treyarch finally released some footage of the new Zombie map. In a special episode of Inside Xbox Josh Olin talks about Cosmonaut Zombies, Matryoshka Dolls, Gersch Devices and the replacement of the Hellhounds, SPACE MONKEYS! If I were you, I’d be careful throwing grenades at the Space Monkeys as they can throw them back at you.

If you listen carefully to what Josh Olin says (I know it’s hard, but give it a try anyway) you can make up that there are a few hidden things you can do on Ascension. Take those “Space Landers” for example. Who knows what else you can do.

Looking at the video I can’t wait to get my hands on the new map pack. Too bad I play on the PlayStation 3, because I have to wait even longer.

On a side note. That girly laugh gives me the creeps.

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