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Published on February 15th, 2011 | by CodCom

Why You Suck at Black Ops & Why it Isn’t Your Fault (Sometimes)

We all know this feeling. Imagine this: You’re playing Black Ops, you’re on a roll and suddenly you get killed by someone who you know you shot first. You know you shot your opponent first, you saw you shot your opponent first but you’re the one who’s laying on the floor.

Doesn’t that piss you off when it happens? It does piss me off. But it turns out there is a perfectly clear explanation for that situation. Lag. In the following video you will see why sometimes you shoot people and still die even though you shot your opponent first on your screen.

After seeing the video you will understand why you (sometimes) suck at Black Ops and why it isn’t your fault. If anything, it’s Treyarch’s fault!

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