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Published on November 16th, 2010 | by CodCom

Treyarch Keeps Promise – Implements Fixes Quickly

If you are like me and you’re following either @DavidVonderhaar or/and @JD_2020 on Twitter, you’d know that often you’d hear promises about Treyarch keeping an eye out for Call of Duty: Black Ops and the feedback they are getting from the community. This of course, is reason to be skeptical. Every developer promises the same, but how often did you end up being disappointed?

So far this isn’t the case with Treyarch. They promised they’d keep an eye out and implement fixes where needed and that is exactly what they are doing.

Remember the Care Package Glitch we wrote about a couple days ago? Well, that glitch is gone. A fix has gotten rid of it along with many other glitches. Have a look at this list written by Josh Olin, Treyarch’s Community Manager.

Hey PS3 gamers,

We are listening to you and we’ve been busy working on updates based on feedback from the community. We have already deployed a number of updates, and there will be many more to come. Stay tuned right here for all the latest info.



  • Villa: User can clip into rock at west edge of grid zone B2 and see through to the other side
  • Crisis: User can clip into LVT between grid zone A3 and B3 and see through to the other side
  • User can get an infinite number of ‘Sam Turret’, ‘Care Package’ and ‘Sentry Gun’ killstreaks (commonly referred to as the “care package glitch”)


  • Radar sweep when there are only 2 players left in One in the Chamber will stop functioning if the 2 players have multiple lives when the sweep starts
  • Crash when viewing content (films, clips, etc) in the Community & Recent Games menu


  • Users’ rank and stats can get wiped under very specific conditions


  • Online number counts were not updating properly; these are now reporting exact online numbers
  • Parties getting disbanded when host did not find a match quickly


  • Launch: User could access a small platform outside of the intended play space below the rocket gantry by jumping to a very specific location; now blocked from access
  • Launch: User could access a small area inside geometry at vents near Dom flag A by going prone and moving around in a very specific location; now blocked from access
  • Some users reported that weapon attachment challenges were not resetting after prestige; now all are guaranteed to clear as soon as selecting the prestige option


  • Prevention of killstreak selection getting disabled in Combat Training under rare conditions
  • Array: Added collision to prevent players from partially clipping into a tree
  • Launch: Added collision to prevent players from strafe jumping onto an invisible ledge at the base of the rocket near B3
  • Summit: Added collision to prevent players from jumping to a location outside of the map boundary when in Custom Games where player speed is maxed out
  • Havana: Added collision to prevent players from jumping onto an invisible ledge above a doorway at C2
  • Nuketown: Adjusted a spawn point that would spawn players on top of a mannequin’s head when that mannequin was randomly spawned in that location

You’ll notice that these are fixes implemented for the PS3 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops. There are also lists for the Xbox360, Nintento Wii and PC. If you want to keep track of all the fixes and future plans, bookmark the following links and check them whenever you want:

PS3 users:
Xbox 360 users :
PC users:

This would be the perfect opportunity to say well done with the fixes Treyarch, we all hope you will keep up with the awesome work you’ve been doing.

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