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Published on January 4th, 2011 | by CodCom

7 Tips That’ll Improve Your Black Ops Gameplay

What would a community be if the community did not have a voice? We cannot write down everything you ask us to write down, but we can ask you for your input.

That is what I did not so long ago on our Facebook Fan Page. If you want to see the exact question and answers, have a look here.

When asking these kind of questions, you’ll always have answers that aren’t suitable for the website or aren’t good enough to mention. The following tips however are worth mentioning. If you want to become a better player at Call of Duty: Black Ops, pay attention to the following tips.

1. Jason Milner says: Quit the camping. Campers in general can be a pain in the behind, but the weird spawn system Black Ops has makes sure campers don’t get rewarded as much.

2. Mushtaba Osmani says:  Be defensive and don’t jump in the middle of the action. This is a surefire way to get yourself killed quickly. Be defensive but don’t camp in corners either. Jan-Magne Thomassen practically says the same thing and says not to run around like a headless frog.

3. Ata Kuyumcu (our forum moderator) says: Stay low, use a silencer and a knife. A good tactic and weapon combination for the lurkers out there.

4. Rigel SirZifkin says: Never stop moving. As mentioned at the first tip, Black Ops’ spawn system is weird and people who stay too long on the same location will get spawned on by the enemy. So make sure you’re moving around.

5. Tyger Salters says: When sniping, take advantage of cover. Go into scope mode while still in cover and come out just enough to get the guy in your sights and shoot.

6. Chris Baukham (our forum moderator) says: While playing Search & Destroy: Stealth Classes are effective. So that means you would want Ghost and Ninja, Perk 2? Maybe Warlord if your not so good with aiming with Iron Sights and replace with ADS. Or maybe you want extended mags, (entirely up to you). Recommend SMG, as long shots are risky as it will reveal your position to enemies plus they may even survive after taking a few shots from a distance, so therefore you need to be close quarter combat. Bring a claymore for defending a bomb site or defend the location your in. Willy Pete (smoke) is very useful when you can decide to throw smoke at one plant site for distraction or quickly run in plant and duck out. Semtex is more useful as you may get lucky and stick into to an enemy player. Killstreak rewards, Spy Plane, SAM turret, and Care Package. or if your really good go for a high killstreak reward if you wish.

Alternatives: Decoy for distractions, Concussions for hints where enemies maybe in that room. C4, plant both at each site then hang out back or one of the sites at your own risk, then once the enemy planted the bomb quickly double tap Square (for PS3) X (for Xbox 360) to blow them up. Perk 3 Hacker to detect enemy equipment.

Overall: Move slowly, check your corners carefully for enemy claymores etc, move from cover to cover, stick to the edges of the map (NOT IN OPEN AREAS), always keep looking behind you (because enemies are more likely to creep up on ya’), keep eyes on radar, look for bullets flying from one direction to get a taste of where the enemy maybe located.

7. Roger Chinevere says: Be tactical, Don’t be a camper or a blitzer. If you know where someone is, sit for a second and then run to the next hide out try to sneak up on them. But if you’re not able to sneak up on them, try to sneak a few good shots in, it may help you in the long run.

You have to be reasonable and keep in mind that some of these tips only apply to a certain style of gameplay. While some love to rush the enemy, others prefer to take their time and be more patience.

Do you have any tips for the community that’ll improve their gameplay?

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