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Published on November 30th, 2010 | by CodCom

Black Ops Thunder Gun Easter Egg

We all like a little bit of thunder and rain in a game to increase the tenseness of that game don’t we?

Well in Black Ops, we have thunder, rain and a gun to complete the set!

The Thunder gun Aka Zeus cannon (when upgraded in zombies) is a replacement to the DG-2 wunderwaffe. It is a type of shot gun weapon which fires a whored of wind at your enemies or zombie, and yes the Thunder gun is in Black Ops campaign mode and can only be unlocked by doing certain steps!

The mission known as numbers (mission #7) has the secret that was at far from our heads of even guessing.

Instructions on how to get the gun

1. At the start of the level after you tortured that guy, you should see a set of tanks. These tanks contain Nova 6.
2. Shoot ALL the tanks and release the Nova 6 to your enemies.
3. If you are confident that you have successfully shot all the tanks, proceed to the back of the room.
4. There should be an tape recorder (also an Intel), if the tape recorder is open, hold SQUARE to acquire the tape (a wobble of the screen indicates that you have received the tape.
5. Continue the story until you reach an armoury behind a fridge.
6. As you enter the armoury, look to you left and there you should see a tape recorder identical to the first one.
7. Insert the tape and wait a moment for all the sounds to pass, and afterwards the gun should appear right out of the wall!
8. Blow everyone to kingdom come!

Please note that if not all the tanks are shot, you tape recording will not open.

IGN was kind enough to make a video for you so you can see how to get the Thunder Gun in Call of Duty: Black Ops. Enjoy

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