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Published on November 23rd, 2010 | by CodCom

What Do You Think Of The RC-XD Killstreak?

A newly introduced killstreak reward with Black Ops, is the RC-XD killstreak reward.

The RC-XD killstreak can be purchased with 1200 CoD Points and it’s only a 3 kill killstreak. The main point of the RC-XD killstreak is to drive around in a miniature car loaded with explosive and blow up whoever you encounter. The blast of the RC-XD is big enough to kill a group of enemies.

There are some pros and cons to the RC-XD killstreak as expected. Let’s start with some of the pros:

  • It’s only a 3 kill killstreak reward, meaning almost everyone will be able to use this killstreak a few times a match.
  • Add in the Hardline perk and the 3 kill killstreak becomes a 2 kill killstreak.
  • The RC-XD killstreak has a 360 degree vision, meaning you can see more than usual.
  • Just like a grenade, the RC-XD car is capable of killing multiple enemies at once.

Some of the cons I can think off:

  • The RC-XD killstreak has a 30 second timer, after which it will blow itself up.
  • Like a claymore, the RC-XD can be destroyed by grenades and guns.
  • The Flack Jacket perk will make the RC-XD useless.

Now that you know what the RC-XD is and what it does it’s time to share thoughts about and experiences with the RC-XD killstreak.

This is my personal experience with the RC-XD killstreak: Using this killstreak on smaller maps is just too good. You don’t have to drive around very long to find an enemy and blow him up. If you use this killstreak on a bigger map however, it can be a pain in the butt and with the RC-XD having a 30 second timer, you sometimes end up blowing up nothing but air.

I haven’t used the RC-XD killstreak often, but most of the time I did manage to kill at least 1 enemy. Rarely did my RC-XD get destroyed even though it’s quite simple to destroy a RC-XD.

One important thing to point out. It is VERY easy to get a RC-XD killstreak when you are using the Hardline perk, meaning half the time you will have an annoying car zooming around the map. Because it is very easy for you to get this killstreak, it is also very easy for others to get it and as you can guess, suddenly the map becomes a F1 track and you’ve got a ton of cars zooming around the map. Which is annoying. Then again, so is dieing to bullets.

Adjustments to the RC-XD killstreak

Like it or not, there is a lot of complaints about the RC-XD car because of the Pros I mentioned earlier. And to be honest, those pros don’t go hand in hand. That’s why I think the RC-XD car should be a slightly higher kill killstreak. Doing this will result in a lot less RC-XDs zooming around and people in general will be less annoyed with the RC-XD killstreak.

Now that you know what I think of the RC-XD killstreak, I’d like to know what you think of it. Leave a comment to share your thoughts.

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