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Published on September 10th, 2010 | by CodCom

Tactical Insertion Adjusted In Black Ops

So you thought it would be “fun” to abuse the Tactical Insertion perk when you were playing Modern Warfare 2. You had so much fun, you even made plans to do the same dirty trick in Black Ops? You might want to reconsider that.

Once again did Treyarch listen to the community and its feedback and did something about the Tactical Insertion perk. Unlike Modern Warfare 2, where you couldn’t do anything about being camped if you had your Tactical Insertion placed. With Black Ops you can cancel the Tactical Insertion during the Killcam.

The second adjustment to the Tactical Insertion is that it has been disabled in Free-For-All [hardcore and core] variants. This adjustment won’t have any effect on Private Matches, but as you don’t get XP during Private Matches, it can’t be abused.

Black Ops will have a reporting system and I implore everyone to use this with caution. If you see people abusing the Tactical Insertion, by all means, report them. But don’t go on a reporting frenzy just because you’re not having your day. Treyarch is getting another thumbs up from me.

To see David Vonderhaar’s message, have a look here: Why I am not as worried about Tac Insert as you

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