Call of Duty: Black Ops Shangri-La - Pro Tips

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Shangri-La Pack-A-Punch – Pro Tips

They just won’t go down! It’s feeding time, and the damn zombies won’t let up until they get their serving. As the weak fall to your hail of bullets, the more resilient push forward, shrugging off your meager attacks. We need stronger firepower, and the Pack-A-Punch is our gateway.

Shangri-La - Pro Tips

Shangri-La Pack-A-Punch – Pro Tips

For those of you that haven’t yet had the pleasure of wielding a powered up firearm, it’s time you do something about it.

Turn On the Power

It has to be done. Without power, you can’t get Perks, and you can’t access the Pack-A-Punch. Without those, you’re dead meat.

First, let’s get you to the power room. Open up either path from the starting area, as the total point cost required to reach the power equals out to the same amount from both sides. The first opening runs 750 points. Whether moving toward the bridge or the ruins, the next available opening costs 1,000 points and takes you into the underground tunnel system. Watch your timing when traveling underground, especially in the early rounds when you only have partial access. Your chance of surviving a mob in these tight corridors is slim.

By this time, it’s a good idea to upgrade to a new weapon if you haven’t already. Holding out for the AK74u/MP5k grants more lasting power in comparison to the MPL and PM63, but it’s all down to the points you’ve earned. Upgrade, pull in more kills, and then push farther into the tunnels, opening up the next available opening for another 1,000 points. From there (again on either side), simply follow the power symbol to the final, 1,250-point access needed to reach the power wheels. Once you’re there, pull both levers to get the water running and generating electricity.

Grab a Drink

It doesn’t take long for the zombies to start pouring in. After purchasing your first weapon and turning on the power, you should seriously consider saving up for Juggernog as your next upgrade. The increased health prevents instant takedowns from combination attacks and gives you the extra second needed to escape bad situations. If you didn’t see it in the second area, you’ll have to open up the other side of the starting room to get to it.

Coordinate with your team to ensure that everyone gets the upgrade. The less you have to worry about your teammate’s safety, the better you can concentrate on shooting down zombies and racking up points.


After grabbing Juggernog, it’s time to start working your way to the first Pack-A-Punch upgrade. Depending on your preference and the match situation, now’s a good time to pick up the weapon you’d like to upgrade, whether it’s a wall weapon or a gamble from the Mystery Box. Of course, if you plan on going the explosive route by upgrading the M1911 to Mustang & Sally, you should definitely consider grabbing PhD Flopper first to avoid blasting yourself to pieces.

Talk with your teammates so you know when one or more players are ready to make the upgrade. Use a grenade to make some crawlers and seek out the raised platforms activated after turning on the power. Remember: the number of platforms you need to step on equals the number of players in your party.

When each player is in position, step on the separate platforms in unison to open up the staircase in the starting area and access the Pack-A-Punch machine above. You have until the spinning wheel reaches the top of the staircase until access is again closed off. Take your chosen weapon and 5,000 points, switch to the upgrade, and start blasting away.

Those zombies aren’t so tough, anymore, are they? Do you have any tips for other zombie slayers?

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